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“Objectified II” Opens Thursday, July 20th at bG Gallery!

Credit: 3 Up by Hadiya Finley
3 Up by Hadiya Finley

The opening reception of “Objectified II” takes place on Thursday, June 20th from 7:30-10:30pm. bg Gallery is located at 1431 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica.

bG Gallery presents a new exhibition, “Objectified II” opening on Thursday, June 20th. Curated by Douglas Alvarez, the group show focuses on every day, symbolic objects and people around us and how we as a society interact with them.

Hadiya Finley’s impressive sculptures will be featured in the show. Finley was introduced to art at an early age. “I had access to a good library of art books and began going to museums on my own in the city (New York) as early as age10 and 11 years,” says Finley. “I began Saturday art classes when I was in Kindergarten. In addition to the visual art classes, where we had lots of wonderful materials to use, I also tried drama and dance.”

As a child, she looked at everything around her as possible art. She would turn discarded materials, like the cardboard, telephone wire, pipe cleaners and fabric scraps into works of art.

She continued with her love of art as a teenager. Finley attended the High School of Music and Art and also took many undergraduate art courses. Unlike most teenagers, she spent much of her time in museums and galleries.

“Though I have been doing art all my life, it was only after my children were going to school that I thought of doing it professionally and went back to school to get my MFA,” says Finley. “The recent graduate school experience has put me in touch with the current state of the art world.”

Finley is looking forward to having her work on view at bG Gallery as part of its latest exhibition, “Objectified II.” Gallery director Om Bleicher talks about the show and it’s premise…“This is a follow up to a four person show curated by Douglas Alvarez a couple of years back at MonkeyHouse Toys. I think the location of the exhibit inspired Doug to think about an exhibit exploring how everyday objects like toys that seem simple but can have profound personal nostalgic and symbolic meanings. He's expanded the concept for Objectified II to explore human/animal metamorphosis into objects and visa verse.”

Also on view are artists: Carol Powell, Airom, Douglas Alvarez, Terri Berman, Leigh Salgado, Kio Griffith, Shannon Rowland O'Connor, Alex Schaefer, Catherine Kaleel, Charity Burnett, Gay Summer Rick, Jose Lopes, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Hadiya Finley, David Lovejoy, Flora Golden, Ron Rogers, Hilary Wootton, and Simone Gad.

The opening reception takes place on Thursday, June 20th from 7:30-10:30pm. bg Gallery is located at 1431 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. The show will remain on view through July 4. For more information about the gallery and the artist, see

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