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Faces of Fame – an ode to John Wilson St.

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When publicity is sought but not deserved.

A face stares out from my PC screen: a suited-up man about 30yrs old, the boyish face round, the hairline receding. I see a clean face, but for the sparing outline of a beard. I see a thin mouth, the eyes narrowed and slightly turned, the face of a man who killed eight people by wrecking an Oslo building with a fertiliser bomb; before systematically hunting down and killing another 69 at a summer youth camp. His beaming face is here, there and everywhere, the trial lengthy.

I’m tired of the casual disregard for life.

Two young brothers explode pipe bombs among a crowd of onlookers at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding over 260. The younger of the two is captured and arrested, a handsome kid of barely 20yrs old and hardly shaving. The pale face has strong eyebrows and large brown eyes staring dreamily at the camera. There’s a Beatlish mop of brown hair and the slightest of self-conscious smiles.

I’m tired of the perversion of innocence.

This morning the newspaper lay silent on the kitchen table, the front page picture screaming out a message. Two young men, run down, stab and hack to death a solitary off-duty soldier on a busy London street; the picture of a wild face shouting out from beneath a woollen beanie, eyes and mouth wide open.

I’m tired of wars, the radicals, the crazed and the losers, the street theatre and circus; I’m tired of the macabre parade, the narcissistic, publicity-hunting of nobodies.

I’m tired of the faces, the falsified fame.

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4 comments on Faces of Fame – an ode to John Wilson St.

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By riginal on May 30, 2013 at 07:29 pm

...and the endless over made-up expression...make-up...on the pretty over zealous never ending "here's another slant from a former friend/neighbour/from a different camera angle who was shocked! Look at the dismay on everyone's faces!" presenter... You've got my thoughts encapsulated Ian c."next...we'll cross to the overweight grinning OJ" and O gee it drags on Ollie. Sort of a 'Born Killer' episode every day.They have a job to do...and DO they have a job! Ian,put one of your travel stories up...PLEASE! Cheers man...

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By iancochrane on May 30, 2013 at 11:40 pm

Hey riginal. Yes, what a pathetic state of affairs indeed...simply disgusting.

Anyway, as always, thanks so much for the encouragement. Shall do.

Cheers, ic

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By riginal on May 31, 2013 at 06:14 am

There's a famous writer who wrote something like 'the shortest piece'. Your descriptive powers of observation are such,in my humble opinion, equally matching. I'll have to have a glass of water with you one shout! Cheers Ian. I can't bag Americans at all really. The world's pollies seem to be flying on the same plane...plain stupid! An independant steps forward with a gem of an idea, like abolishing the slots...etc,or, at least putting a restriction on them. Buttons are pressed. Alarm is rife. The idea is muffled under vested interests. Mayhem rants supreme. Junehem serves the drinks. A nude guy ran down the street in my local shopping strip few weeks ago. Punching, ranting pon motorists as he went. He was sprayed countless times.To no avail. Umpteen officers jumped on him...imagine if he had a gun? A nude 'free legal aid' will probably get him off on a 'bad behaviour' bond. It makes these so called 'shrink' centres look like safe havens?'s a mad mad mad world. But it's great to be alive...plain lucky?

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By iancochrane on May 31, 2013 at 07:14 am

Very kind's to your good health!

Yes, don't know where we are headed to be honest; Northern & Southern Memisphere both. Although one may be a little behind the other in the `progress' stakes.

btw, I did read about the nude avenger.

Cheers, ic

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