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Welcome Home, Welcome Back To Texas!

Credit: Scorpion Sting
View of my Texas flag from my back deck.

This is the conclusion to a three part trilogy about the United Stated Air Force, taveling, friends, and drinking.

Ending back in southeast Texas was no mistake. It was part of the plan after getting a divorce and in the end divorcing the Air Force. If you need to get brought up to speed I suggest you read about the beginning of the journey at The Land Of The Rising Sun and the middle which was Welcome To The Land Of Enchantment and when you are done you will be ready to start here. I'm not going to wait for you tho, I must press on since I must get on with what will probably not be the last chapter, but might be close for now.I grew up in the great state of Texas and will always call it home no matter where I might travel in the world. Some of y'all might understand being from Texas but most of y'all won't. Fortunately when I got out of the Air Force I had some things going for me. I found out real fast that I would being to work for my dad who was a residential concrete contractor. Not what I wanted to do, but I am dam glad a position was open for me. I learned that the degrees I earned while in the Air Force from a variety of colleges didn't amount to shit. I earned three over the years which were a BS in Explosive Technologies and two separate AAS in Explosive Principles and Explosive Applications. Plus I completed many hours to retain my Bartender's License in Nevada, New Mexico, and in Texas which came in more handy than all the others combined. However, a BS and two AAS degrees do look good on a resume. I'm not complaining since I didn't pay one red cent for the collage degrees since they were completed through a variety of programs offered thru different Air Force channels. On the down side and on the upside as well I was discharged from the United States Air Force as a Disabled Veteran as I sustained a major injury while living in Japan that saw fir to follow me thru my entire career. Cycling back into civilian life was hard for me since I ate, drank, and shit the Air Force for so damn long. It is very hard to turn that off, even as I sit here today. It is funny for me to sit here and remember, sometimes not in the proper order, a course of events and most of them are because of my drinking. Which is this one will eventually start off because of the series of events which surrounded my return to Texas.

In fact, the very first weekend I was back I went out to a Gig (redneck performance for you yankees) where my baby sister's husband (now her ex) was performing. He has an interesting set up, he has a DJ who plays all the popular country (old and new) and classic rock which he sings to. In a very weird way it is like a karaoke roadshow for one. But, he can sing his ass off and puts on a pretty good show. But, in defense of the rednecks and hillbillies, when you are in a hole in the wall bar in the middle of absolute BFE getting drunk, music is music since it just breaks up all the noise from everyone trying to yell over the next person. He did have his fans tho, fans my baby sister really didn't like too much because they used to get up and dance with him, and usually it was more like porn than it was dancing. However, it was a party wherever he was performing and there was always alcohol and weed and whatever and this and that. If you were wanting to be trashed in no time flat then this was the party to be at. But, how would this be fun for me because I was going alone? I used to be "available" to catch all the cast offs and the heart broken. All the "work" was done for me without him ever knowing, they were drunk, horny, and basically naked so very little effort was needed on my part to take advantage of my surroundings. Needless to say, I enjoyed these partying drunkfests every single Friday and Saturday nights. I would venture to guess that I drunkenly slept with more woman I didn't know or care to remember in six months than I had in my entire life or would ever see in an intimate way ever again in my life. Got a big truck, check. Got fancy boots, check. Got skin tight meat locker Wranglers, check. Got my fancy cowboy hat, check. Willingness to get shitfaced drunk and have sex with anyone with an itch, check. It was party time all the time and I was having fun. The fun can never last forever tho. Two things happened that changed everything. First, my sister got fed up with him being a manwhore, his drinking, and his overall attitude. Second, she decided that this was not the lifestyle she wanted to live any longer and kicked him out. Now, I have to be the loyal brother to my sister and the party was over, for everyone. No complaints from me, I had a good run, I enjoyed woman throwing themselves at me sexually and expect absolutely nothing in return from me, something I never saw in 14 years of marriage to my ex. Life moved on tho and I was able to concentrates a little better working for my dad, which is what I needed to be doing in the first place since I was being manicured to take over from him when he decides to retire one day. So, I became immersed in my work and had to make an effort to go drink and party. Most of the time I was too tired to even try.

It just so happens that being in a bar is how I met my wife. While doing some work on the other side of town I had some evening time to kill so I would go get a drink at this redneck bar. The first vision of my wife was her bent over a bar to put her purse behind it displaying how tight her jeans really were. One night I felt froggy and slapped her ass which cracked like the sound of lightning striking a tree. I actually thought I broke my hand. All she did was turned her head and smiled at me. WTF? Later she sat down with me at my table and informed me that I owed her a drink or seven now. One could say we started dating after that. In the end y'all know what happens, we get married. We did continue to go out but it was a little more on the tame side. My dad did retire. The weather, however, made it where I had to get a real job. One can't pour concrete in the rain. For some reason, one day, I just decided to quit drinking. I had many reasons, but I just was done with it. Then, oddly enough, I found myself bartending for many years, which is a different story all in itself. As the years passed I found my self drinking again, but in severe moderation. It has worked out for the best because at least now I can wake up in the morning and remember the night before. I used to hate "losing time", sometimes 10-12 hours at a time, all the time. I am surprised I remember half of anything to tell you the truth. Actually, I am sure that 90% of everything I do remember is only about 10% of what actually happened. Which, I realize nowadays, is really sad since I have been to some real cool places around the world and what I remember the most is the party. At my age I would like to be able to reflect on better memories, especially when my kids want to know what I used to do and see while traveling the world. I am happy nowadays to sit on the deck with my wife sipping margaritas and just enjoying everything and everyone around me. I know one thing for sure and that is that Texas is my home, no matter what everything I want is always here, and that's a great thing to know.

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