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Secretly recorded audio of Teens Happy Homes board meeting.

by joshuaallen (writer), Los Angeles, May 11, 2013

The audio files were given to the Times, by an individual, who recently had a lawsuit dismissed against management, and board members of the crumbling agency. The Business of Child Abuse.

Secretly Recorded Audio Files of Teens Happy Homes Board Meeting

These audio files make fascinating listening. Anyone interested in the machinations of what goes on at these board meetings, are in for a treat. The recordings are also pathetic, especially when not once, does there appear to be much concern about the welfare, of the foster children the agency is entrusted with.

The source of the audio, Askari Moyenda, turned over the recording to the LA Times, which put the links up on their site. Special admiration for Times reporter Garett Therolf, who has done excellent reporting on the sordid happenings at Teens Happy Homes.

It is curious, that recordings from a 2010 board meeting have surfaced now, three years after the fact, for reasons unknown.

Askari Moyenda who leaked the recording to the Times, has recently had a lawsuit against Teens management and board members dismissed, after originally alleging a breach of contract.

A lot has happened, during the past three years, at Teens, much of it, according to recent reports, quite questionable.

Listening to the undercover conversations between management consultant George Gutierrez, Beautina Robinson, and other board members in the room, shows a place deeply at odds, with Teens original purpose, which is the care and treatment of abused and neglected children.

Just one question though: Are there any other recordings?

Inquiring minds ...

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