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Is Everything Always For Sale?

by Scorpion Sting (writer), Houston, TX, May 07, 2013

Do we put limits on what is and what isn't for sale or is everything fair game?

Have you ever wondered that? Can you put a price on the things you own? Is there always someone who wants your things more than you? Are the things in your life for sale if the price is right even if you haven't thought of it being for sale in the first place? Does money really talk. Is money really the defining answer to all questions? I thought that I was a rare breed since I am usually the one who sees something someone else owns and try to purchase or trade something for it. Not everyone operates like this I understand, but it has been my way of doing business for quite sometime now. Recently I wrote a post about rescuing a 40ish Chevrolet pick-up from a farm in BFE, Texas while checking things out with my mother-in-law after a recent death of a relative in her family. We had allot of fun going thru everything that looked like it hadn't been touched in many, many years. Recently I got an e-mail from a man named James who lives in Lake Charles, LA and he explained that he really liked the old truck and could I e-mail him some more pictures of her if I had more. I had a couple more from different angles which were not the greatest in quality but I sent them to him anyways. The following day he asked if he could come to my house because he really wanted to see this truck in person and get some pictures of his own. Now, I "know" James a little bit, James has been to my house before because he bought some things from me in the past that were offered on Craigslist. I saw no harm in it and we arranged to meet at my house yesterday evening. It is rare when I actually know a reader of my blog. There are a few readers I actually know as human beings and not just a name or an e-mail. I had a list, a short list, of friends, family, associates, and other people who I sent an e-mail to when my old blog "died" so they could have the link to my new blog if they were in fact interested in me still. In the end, over the years, I have built upon a network of people who know people who know people who might just know some other people. Anyway, James happens to be one of those people that I have met and done business with before so I saw no harm in him coming out to see the old truck.

James arrived at about 6 pm, sat at my gate and gave me a call on my cell phone to announce his presence. I watched as James drove back to my shop to meet me. I found it very strange that he was pulling a trailer but figured he had something else going on somewhere. James doesn't exactly jump out and exit a vehicle quickly. He is, if I had to guess, somewhere in his late seventies and isn't able to move so quick anymore these days. It's okay, he's worth the wait. He finally made it out, waiving to my son and I as we were walking up to meet him. After some chit chat and some other talk we walked into the shop so he could see the truck. He convinced me to hook up to the trailer so we could pull it outside to take a closer look at it. He walked around that trailer an easy seven times, taking pictures, making some notes, and looked like he was in some real deep thought. He winds up standing back next to me, leans onto the bed of the truck, and tells me he has given it a great deal of thought, but he will take it. The he asks, "do we have a deal"? Deal? What deal? What did I miss? Was I making some kind of deal? Take what? He explained he came prepared with an offer and cash. He came to deal. He came to get this old truck. He wasn't going to take no for and an answer. I don't know what to think about this whole thing. I didn't know I was selling the truck. Did I ever mention it might be for sale to anyone. No, I would remember wanting to sell this truck. What exactly just happened here? He pulls this roll of cash out of his shirt pocket and tells me that this is his offer. I was afraid to see how much it was, I didn't want to insult James. He told me, "go ahead, count it, it's all there", so I opened it up and counted it, $8,500.00 in one hundred dollar bills. I asked where he got that figure since we never discussed a price because I never knew it was for sale. James told me he thinks it is a very fair price. He asked me to go ahead and pull up some more so we could unload it off my trailer and onto his. After I thought a minute, I shook his hand, and told him we had a deal. I told my son to get in the truck and pull it forward so we could roll it off the trailer. My son had a very puzzled look on his face but was happy to get to drive my truck, even if it was for only 40 feet. After we rolled the truck off my son pulled my truck out of the way and parked it by the side of the shop. James was already in his truck backing up with his trailer. We loaded it up, strapped her down, and James tells me he would like to go ahead and get on the road because it is getting late. Okay, goodbye James, have a safe trip home.

After he left my son asked where Mr.James was going with the truck. I told him that he had bought it and he is going home with it. I think my son was at a loss for words, in fact I know he was at a loss of words. While we were unhooking the trailer my wife was pulling up the driveway and just came back to where we were instead of parking in the driveway. She asked what was going on. She said she could swear she just passed a truck and trailer carrying my old truck. It's true I told her, the man she saw hauling it away had just bought it. She asked, "it was for sale"? I told her that it wasn't for sale until he whipped out a wad of cash and told me to help him load it onto his trailer. Now, she was at a loss for words. My son jumped in the car with her and rode back to the house while I finished up at the shop. I had to ask myself, "is everything always for sale with you"? Is it? I still don't know the answer to that question and in fact I may never know the true answer to that question. Is there an answer? The way I look at it is this, I got the truck for free. All I had invested into the truck was the diesel I used in transporting it back to my house. I had estimated a bare minimum of $20k to have it fully restored in the fashion I had planned. So, in my mind I just saved myself a buttload of money. Granted, it was going to be a project that my son and I were going to do together and he probably would have ended up with it as his first car. But, there is still time to get a car to build for him if he wants. Who knows. I feel bad and good for selling it. I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole sell and when and where it became for sale. Strange how things work out, very strange. I finished up, locked up, and headed back to the house for dinner. I was surprised, the topic never came up while we were eating. It did, however, come up as we were laying in bed looking at the weather. She started the conversation by asking, "now what"? I finished it with the answer, "I don't know". That settled it for now, hopefully forever. She brought it up earlier this morning after I got out of the shower because she wanted to know when I put it up for sale. I just told her it wasn't actually for sale and when Jame arrived with his trailer he was determined that he was taking the truck home with him, the end. I waited for some other comment about it but got nothing. I still wonder what I said or did that implied it was for sale since I don't recall ever mentioning it. It's a good thing in my opinion, everything happens for a reason. Now my other trailer is empty, ready to get something new, ready to sit empty, just ready.

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