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Whether for school or for work, meeting a tight deadline can be very stressful indeed.


by Allison Morris

Whether for school or for work, meeting a tight deadline can be very stressful indeed. If you’ve been procrastinating on a project, or you simply don’t have much time to complete one, you’re going to need an array of supplies to keep you motivated and on task until you complete your goal. The following infographic provides a handy taxonomy of some of the most vital supplies you’ll require for reaching that deadline, no matter what phase you’re in. As you may well know, when you’re working to complete a project, motivation tends to come in waves—sometimes you’re fully tuned in to meeting your goals, and sometimes you need a little inspiration burst. Fortunately, this infographic breaks it down for you; you’ll need different supplies depending on whether you’re working hard, hardly working, or perhaps rewarding yourself with a much needed break. Some study essentials are more common knowledge (like coffee and a quiet space), and some might surprise you. For instance, a little music: Listening to a Mozart sonata can increase your IQ by up to nine points for about 15 minutes. For more handy tips and study ideas, read on and check out some key essentials for meeting even the toughest deadline.

For a fun, interactive that Allison Morris helped create which offers innumerable tips to keep you motivated. If you hover over the different icons, a new tip will pop up! That said, you’re welcome to post or share the piece with proper attribution to the original source, and any comments/thoughts would also be greatly appreciated.

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