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How To Be a Good Friend to a Friend Who is Sick or Suffering

It's challenging for most of us to know what to say when someone we love is sick and may be suffering. Here are 10 tips that may help us be more understanding and compassionate.

We all know of people who are sick or suffering. We see caregivers looking after people that may not be able to look after themselves. Yet it's very different when someone close to us gets sick and is suffering. It can be a challenging experience to know what the right thing to do or the best way to be with a friend or family member who is ill and may be suffering Coping and doing the right things become much more complicated and we can feel a bunch of uncertainty.

Going through her recent bout with breast cancer, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, an American author, journalist, a founding editor of Ms. magazine, nationally-known lecturer, and social justice activist became intrigued by her friends’ and her family’sv varied reactions to her and her illness and how awkward it was for some of them. She noticed how many of them misspoke or simply misinterpreted her needs. She also recognized how truly wonderful it was when a person acted in certain way.s

This begain her journey into writing her latest book, "How to Be a Good Friend to a Friend Whose Sick." Letty started to discuss how friends and family acted with her fellow patients and veterans of serious illness, for the purpose of discvering what sick people truly wished their friends would know about how best comfort, help, and simply talk to them.

Pogrebin has distilled these stories and opinions into a compendium of guidance and usable wisdom in her book. The following infographic shares Ten Tips on How to Be a Good Friend to a Friend Whose Sick. It's a start in learning how we can become more empathetic, understanding and have increased sensory acuity when it comes to relating to friends and family members that are sick. I hope you learn something from these tips that can be valuable to share with loved ones.

I find it somewhat astonishing that human beings have such a complicated time of what seems to be something that should be the most natural thing in the world, relating to others with love and compassion.

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