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by Kitresa (writer), Astoria, Queens, May 30, 2007

While riding the subway the other day, I noticed a young couple standing by the door. They looked as though they were about my age, early twenties, they stood there with their arms wrapped around each other as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes. They then proceeded to take turns jamming their tongues down each other’s throat. I tried to avoid looking at the spectacle, but could still see them out of the corner of my eye. As obnoxious as that was, what I saw last weekend was even worse.
A young man was standing at the turnstile kissing his girlfriend who stood on the other side of the turnstile, blocking the entrance for anyone wanting to get on or off the train and slowing down entry to the train for the other riders. I looked at the couple with disgust and annoyance. Had they no shame? It didn’t seem to bother them, or even dawn on them that their love fest was obnoxious (as most public displays of affection are) but inconsiderate.
The above examples are not the only occasions in which I have witnessed such public displays of affection, I find it to be a frequent occurrence despite the uninviting environment.
It’s as if these couples are standing there saying “Oh, the smell of urine and all this garbage on the ground is so romantic!”
“Hey look, a rat! This moment keeps getting better and better.”
“Now all we need is a homeless man asking for change to make this moment perfect.”
To all the couples out there, I’m glad to know you’re happy together, congratulations. But please, keep that happiness to yourself, and don’t block the turnstiles.

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By Rachel Eagle Reiter on July 23, 2007 at 03:16 pm
When a couple is blocking an entrance with their PDA, they are far too caught up in the moment. It's true: when you are wrapped up in somebody else, you tend not to notice the rats, trash, or side-long glances.
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By DarleneRH on September 20, 2007 at 10:26 am
I try to imagine that these people either won't see eachother again for another 10 years, or haven't seen eachother for 10 years...or something like that, and just must get that kiss. Makes it a little bit tolerable, mentally.
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