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Was Prince Harry fit for war?

by Lakwyia (writer), rock hill, sc, May 30, 2007

Sometimes you may hear people refer to others differently as being "college material" or "marriage material" but when you talk about Prince Harry, I am wondering maybe as well as others, was he "military material"? Personally, i do not think he is. C'mon, he's royalty for god's sake and that is all he knows. Military is not for everyone and thank god, whether Prince Harry knows it or not, his life was saved. If he would have stayed in the military long-term, he would have been dead. The same feelings also to the former NFL star Pat Tillman. He wasn't "military material" either. I am glad that he wanted to serve his country but he was doing that well enough by just playing football. Alot of people thought that the strength he used doing that would help him serve well for his country but these two things you cannot compare. Pat Tillman's death could have been prevented but it wasn't. At least we got to save Prince Harry's life for the sake of Pat's for that is a sure thing.

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