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Amateur Radio

by Ronald Hobbs (writer), San Francisco, May 30, 2007

Ham Radio is Alive and Well!

This might come as a surprise, but the "internet of the 1950s", Amateur Radio, is still alive and kicking.

Before you start to yawn, every Bay-to-Breakers race since day one, every major civic activity involving masses of people has been monitored by the Amateur Radio Service. Amateur Radio has been responsible for health and wellfare traffic that got authorities to the scene of many catrastophies here in the Bay Area-- and beyond. In the process it has saved many lives.

It is largely an unseen force but in the Bay Area there are slightly fewer than 4000 licensed (by the Federal Communications Commission) radio amateurs. These licenses do not come easily and the people who hold them have to answer to stringent criteria in order to pass them. The material they are required to understand includes radio wave propagation, electrical components and circuits, FCC rules and no small amount of mathmatics.

During the events of 911, Katrina and other catastrophies, amateur radio came to the forefront--- cellular telephones failed, land wires were down. The dedicated radio amateurs were on the air, though, and picked up where the "new" technology failed.

Right now, as this is written, across the world, the nation, the Bay Area, stations are listening who have put themselves, willingly available, to be at your service.

To obtain a broader view you might check out the Americal Radio Relay League website ( or the San Francisco Amateur Radio Club website:

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