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Earnings Of My Life

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), April 17, 2013

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I look into the mirror, my hair…my freckles…my wrinkles, I smile because I know that these are the earnings of my life…

Today let me share with you about the journey of life which, I undertook years back, after I left the school gate in 1976. Thirty eight years have certainly brought in lot many changes. I am just looking back and trying to assimilate the bygone days.

With dream in our eyes and innocence in our heart we leaped into this world not knowing that these 38 years would brazenly wipe the tender look. Well that’s how the life is…No complaints…life is too short to complain …The more it hits, more we get seasoned…and I know it costs…Cost is not, what we measure…The cost is about the casualty of our innocence with unceremonious abortion of dreams. No regrettable episodes of my life are worth narrating…narrations lack soul…narrations are subject to conjectures…

life has given us music to narrate…To me, direct references are an arrogance of imposition for one to believe… but yes oblique reference, holds the tenacity of the authentic existence, by which, I wish to stand till last and also to be known and understood too…

I love music…Given the mood, through music, I always wish to get into the mode; to probe, to live, to explore, to question and to state too.

I tried to take life, as it came but many a times, it was not easy…I had my share of painful moments… Trials and tribulations of life are difficult to sum up but every life is a history and so as mine. Every death of my near and dear one was a realization…every set back was scary…every betrayal was heart wrenching…every joy was a feast….every loss was a lesson …every gain was pleasing… All that came into my fold weaved my views…transformed me; firstly, into an exuberant youth and in that exuberance, I fell in love and failed miserably( She walked away…lol) and secondly as married man…My life acquired different dimensions after marriage and then as father of two beautiful kids…

With passage of time, the corridors of my world extended with different outlook towards life…Though I never forgot the precinct of my mother’s love…she remained a driving force in my life and I have understood one thing that in this world nobody is better than mother….mother is next to God…

In the twilight zone of my life, I always felt, that my belief with perpetual hope helped me. From nowhere, from somewhere, from everywhere, life took me into its stride…At times I had to work hard to remain afloat and many a time strong friendly waves brought me to the shore safely.

As I look into the mirror, my hair(salt and pepper)…my freckles…my wrinkles( It may appear), I smile because I know that these are the earnings of my life…

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By Barbara MacDonald on April 17, 2013 at 02:56 pm

I have some of those same earnings the nine years I have known you, we both have lost loved ones, gotten a few more silver hairs, and yes some wrinkles also...but it is a privilege to be able to grow older with is beautiful, and I would not change a thing...even the hard times bless us with so much knowledge and growth...I love this Beatles song...such a wonderful blog, straight from your honest heart.

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