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What do writers really think occasionally? riginal.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, June 16, 2013

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Shhh! i'm thinking!

They say jealousy is a curse, but is that always rite? Can the fangs of jealousy spur one on? Spur a thought?

'ODE TO WHAT?' riginal.

Oh what a wonderful world we got

'Arf of us jest sittin' round on yon bot.

We struggle as writers we bleed? and we breed

Bringin' up chiln'... some with much greed.

"I gotta 'ave this i gotta 'ave that, next door's got a big boat

i cn' top that!"

I'm gunna go out n' buy a big Ark

When the first payment's due i'm gunna say f..k!

Got two of most things, got 'em on bored

Astute? male bank managers...young Clyde and old Claude!

Sure! they won't breed within my great Ark

Like the rest of 'sum' animals...they don't give a f..k!

Dis pear of 'religious' will they bear fruit?

Not likely buddy, their cores are too BRUTE!

They argue bout pips of 'Dear Virtue' trust ($) ?

When does religion start gathering rust?

Just took on two birds, Eagles i think

Gave birth to America's political think.

One just says R, t' other says D

Both Biden their time? no matter to me.

Me Ark it's been sittin' up me dry drive

The flood is a comin' like Claudey and Clyde

The phone she is ringin'? can't be it's been cut?

The times they 'aint changin'... sittin' scratchin' me nut/s

What gaineth a writer to invest in life's Ark

If your dormant imagination's not worth a fart!

You can chortle resplendant, things you have writ

Of things you've they really mean spit?

You can travel the world see wonderous things

But as you grow older you settle on springs.

The springs of contentment of much ado joy

If you believe that got troubles my boy!

You drink with yon neighbour whose lost house and boat

You sit in yon Ark will it ever get float?

You take neighbours pair, you put in Ark's bunk

Middle of the night you hear a great clunk.

It's the neighbour's imagination out for a stroll

He's banging on keyboard, script looks a bit droll?

Hollywood thinks NOT! he's out of his hole!

The film is about Ark...of troubles within

How a destitute neighbour types with a grin.

How a pair of bank managers just couldn't ring through

To repossess Ark all pairs in the poo.

But as you grow older you settle on springs

The neighbour's just got search?...literary bins.

Never try to get even don't give a STUFF!

What a dickhead you've just been...encouraging his guff!

So sit down at keyboard bang if you must

You sit in yon gutter bereft of trust.

Be not ye jealous of other writers Ark

When they drive past in Rolls Royce...just let out a FUUCK!!!!!

For what gaineth a writer if he loses one's sole

Who gives a shit when you're rich!...wear thongs! Say WHAT?

Old Chinese Proverb: Confused me say."Ford Festiva safe as Mercedes...long as YOU in Mercedes long time before it hit Ford small shitty 'shorter smaller' shitbox. Admit you jealous of other writer...then scratch shit out of HE Mercedes with penknife then go HE! HE! HE! You go to jail...HE! HE! scratch shit out of jail...jailer kick in go aark! aark! Your missus bail you out...scratch shit out of your better not! Bird go "Arrk...Arrk...Arrk i want 'arf of Ark! ! So Arrk YOU!" Better to take frustration out on Hollywood...get Shorty! Write best smeller...don't fart round...if you fart square you winner all round! You fart triangle you not so squeezy. Call next Novel "Who Give A Shit?" cheers...

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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