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Earth To Rosie: Foster Kids Deserve Better Than You

by GreatMinds (writer), Huntsville, Alabama, May 29, 2007

Former "The View" co-host Rosie O'Donnell described her role on the show in a statement released today as being a "foster kid for the year," she said. "I came, we considered adoption, but I didn't really fit into the family."

What happened with Rosie O'Donnell on "The View" was a conflict of personalities. Whatever the root causes of that conflict, and whomever bears responsibility for spilling it onto the broadcast, none of those things makes the "foster kid" analogy acceptable. O'Donnell will find other work because that is simply the way of things; she will adapt and overcome with whatever emotional baggage she chooses to attach to the situation. Foster "kids" do not have choices and certainly do not have the stability that O'Donnell's personal fortune provides for her; they also do not have the love or affection -- however misguided or not -- that comes with her peculiar celebrity.

Most foster children long for their families to be intact in whatever measure they once knew, and wish against all of heaven and hell that they could have their blood-kin families around them; oftentimes, foster children would rather return to situations of abuse, neglect, incest, or sexual torture than to be separated from their natural homes. O'Donnell would not endure an on-air spat with a co-host. Many foster children suffer from severe mental illnesses that place them in such jeopardy that therapeutic homes are made available for them. O'Donnell spirited away from the ABC studios last week in a luxury vehicle and went to her own home. With all of the love being shown her by Barbara Walters and the other larger-than-life personalities that have weighed in on the matter, she can rest comfortably in knowing that however embarrassing the episode proved, it will not hurt her over the long haul. "Foster kids" do not have any assurance that they will sleep in the same bed in a week as they fitfully sleep in tonight.

O'Donnell should apologize for the remark, candidly acknowledge that it was wholly inappropriate and selfish, and do what people of her income bracket do best --- write a very large check to a foster care charity that can use the money.

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