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You Guys! Lohan and Duff Are Friends Again!


I do my best to believe in the integrity of this country. I like to think that we are the world's leading superpower because we deserve it, not because two gigantic oceans separate us from the military might of other global rivals. I like to think we are an elite nation born from democracy with honest values of respect, intelligence and freedom. But, oh my gosh, did you hear that Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are friends again!

After reading my daily fill of news over the internet, I couldn't help but glance at the gossip column. This is where I learned of the reunification of said friends- Lohan and Duff. I must say that I was so relieved. Up until that point I was nervous with tension over the current nuclear talks proceeding in Iran. I was contemplating the recent vote for funding the war in Iraq by presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But I was filled with such joy when I heard that Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff had decided to put aside their differences and stopped acting like high school children in order that some columnist could take up the juvenile role for them by reporting news that for no reason is relevant to anyone else's existence on Earth.

It's hard to stand at the altar and not preach, but it's also hard to turn on the news and not keep a tally of how many people checked into the Promises rehab center on Saturday. Entertainment is a vital part of our culture and it should always be that way. Before the advent of film and television there were stage actors and musicians, vaudeville acts, playwrights and other artists celebrated during their era. In turn, we should celebrate the great entertainers of our time- but for the work they do, not the boutiques they shop in. The world is a beautiful place but it appears to be full of so many ugly people.

This is a country founded on freedom of speech, so in no way can I fault a gossip columnist for doing their job and getting the big scoop. It's not like there isn't a demand for it. Nor would I call a boycott on nonsensical "news" information. What I do think is that we as an intelligent, collective body should stop caring so much. Maybe many of you don't care- bravo! But for those that do, stop fixating on the menial lives of people you don't know and start working on your own.

I'm tired of the lives of people that don't really matter getting in the way of my own. I'm insulted that more people know who Paris Hilton is than know the work or Joan Allen. History teaches me lessons of the past so that I may learn for the future, science opens the doors of progress so that as a people we may advance, mathematics helps me keep my grocery bill down. These basics, these core ideas that my parents and teachers pushed so hard for me to acquire in grade school and college are what make my life richer. They are what make me happy. They make my life matter. And when others abort their silly obsession for fellow people that money, or popularity, or asinine journalism told them are more valuable in the timeline of existence- they might start to think they matter, too.

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By Hunter Addams on May 31, 2007 at 01:59 pm
Amen, brother.
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