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The coming transformation of human society

by Ravo (writer), Sandy, Utah, April 10, 2013

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Humans may well become extinct shortly. Here are some thoughts about what may happen if we avoid it somehow.

[COLOR=skyblue]Assuming most of Asia and the Middle East doesn't turn into vast radioactive wastelands in the next few months, surviving advanced societies will have a very difficult struggle to remediate the damage to the environment due to wars and resource depletion; and the reintroduction of vital species made extinct by human overpopulation. It will likely require advances in synthetic biology, and only be possible through cloning and reconstruction of DNA maps or actual samples.It will take a tremendous amount of time, money, manpower, and lots of luck and fortuitous synergies. In the event humans are able to accomplish all of this without further bickering and sabotage of local successes, I expect our scientific progress to reaccelerate, and in a few hundred years, things will be very different on planet Earth. When we look back on events from that vantage point in the future, I think we will clearly understand that for humans to avoid becoming extinct, we have to expand our civilization to include other star systems.In my view, our space travel choices are:(a) Engineer enormous spaceships or hollow out large asteroids and develop shielding from intense Gamma rays, meteors, dense gas clouds, condensing dust 'storms', encounters with globs of antimatter, etc.(b) Somehow, make unforeseen technological leaps into faster-than-light propulsion systems, and vehicles that can safely carry delicate biological entities such as people through wormholes or moving space/time frames, and still cruise around in conventional space.(c) Hitch a ride with the aliens and hope that they don't eat us or do something else that is heinous.None of this will happen anytime soon. Of course, most of these problems go away or are simplified if the travelers are intelligent robots. We may create them, and they in turn, may recreate us after we arrive at our destination. The sidebar video has some thoughts from my favorite TV Star (next to Carl Sagan).

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