Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Americans a necessary evil

My roommate last week was out at Roc Bar. It was Friday night, she was trying a new place with her friends, and on Saturday morning she was gushing like a schoolgirl to me about this great guy she met. We'll call him U. She said he was the sweetest, most decent guy; he's a doctor studying his specialty, and lives in the Medical Center. He also told her he was born and raised in Germany but his family is from Turkey and he considers himself Turkish. He speaks German and Turkish fluently along with a few other languages. My roommate was obviously struck by Cupid's arrow that night and I was genuinely happy for her. Any woman would be quite taken by such a sweet, charming, obviously well educated, and cultured man.

U invited my roommate to a party the next night. She begged me to take her there since she herself is from Mexico and doesn't know this city well enough yet having only been here barely a year. We went to this party in these apartments near Rice University. There were many people there and I already felt like I was attending a session at the UN. This party was filled with people from all many different countries; Spain, France, Germany, Romania, and of course Turkey. There were many Turkish people at this party. We learned many of these people were young; twenty-something’s earning their doctorate degrees in various fields ranging from medicine to economics. They were attending Rice University, the University of Houston, and others. These people were lawyers, doctors, and MBA graduate students. I was approached by a nice, young, attractive, economics doctoral candidate also from Turkey. The conversation turned to Iraq. Without getting into a whole tirade about this war I simply mentioned that I didn't approve of it, I was not a Republican supporter, I always voted Democrat, and I wanted this war to be over. My Turkish guy who we'll call O said that in the two years that he'd been in the USA he had never met an American who thought as I did. That might have been the end of it except that my keen mind and sharp observation skills picked up subtle hints here and there throughout this long night.

My roommate and I met many Turkish people at this party last Saturday night. Here are a few interesting facts: They tend to hang out at this one specific Greek bar where they say many East Europeans hang out. They hate this glorious city of Houston. They hate most Americans as well. There was one woman from Spain at this party who, when we were introduced to her, looked at my roommate and me as if we were something that she had just found stuck to the bottom of her shoe. A most unpleasant person she was.

Yet these people come here to our city to be educated in our best universities. Especially the doctors who know that the Texas Medical Center is the best in the world and they will not receive finer training than here. I can only imagine that the economists and MBA graduate students come here to the heart of big business to learn about the nature of oil, gas, and other natural resources. Where else to learn that but in Houston? They come here with their parent's money, they stay in our city, they take advantage of all our hospitality and in the end all they do is complain, whine, and moan about the state of the world.

I discovered after a night spent with O that while on the surface our politics may seem to agree ideologies run deep in our veins. He was smoking, drinking, and flirting like any other hot-blooded man but he told me he was a Muslim. I am a Catholic and there is no way in HELL I am ever going to convert and neither is he. In the end it boils down to faith and belief being embedded in our DNA going back for generations. In one night I came to realize that while I can sit there and talk, flirt, and drink with people from any culture I can never forget who I am and where I come from. I may not agree with Bush, the war, or the continued slaughter of American or Iraqi troops but I am still an American and proud to be one. I don't hate other cultures but they sure as hell seem to hate us and what we represent. In my opinion they are all just a huge pile of hypocrites biting the hand that feeds and educates them so well. O promised to call but to tell you the truth I haven’t even been home to miss the calls.

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