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Bigfoot, God, and Ghosts

by Scorpion Sting (writer), Houston, TX, March 28, 2013

Bigfoot, God, and Ghosts all share one basic common factor, until proven otherwise, they are all three just myths.

Bigfoot, God, and Ghosts share one common factor that nobody can deny, they truly are, in all basics, just myths. I can hear it already, ringing in my ears, questioning me where I can get off making such a statement. So, I will give y'all my answer in advance this time and it is this, prove me wrong. I don't usually like bogging down my blog with my own personal opinion of God but I found myself having a particular conversation with a neighbor of mine this weekend. I will say, based on my own observations, that he is very self-immersed in being a devout believer in God. How do I know? Fair question with no real answer. I listen to the topics he discusses since, being neighbors, we do talk more frequently than what I actually like. Now, this entire conversation began this past Sunday when my neighbor payed a visit to me in my shop un-announced. Meaning, I was in my shop sharpening the chain off my chainsaw and when I looked up he was standing there. Why this is strange? From my front gate to the door of my shop is 3/4 of a mile or so. So, yes, his presence shocked me, greatly. Not because he was standing in front of me exactly, but because I know he didn't come from the front gate since I didn't get a text informing me the gate had been opened, which is part of the alarm. No, he had to have come from the back of my property that has no fence, which opens up the the creek back there. He tells me he saw the doors open so he figured I was out here.

Ah, yes, now we get into why he stands before me. He wants me to help him pull a stump out of his yard later, after he returns from church, since I have a tractor and his wife wont let him have one. Now, I don't mind helping him, that is not what this about at all. I like that people know I know how to do things the right way, plus, this will give me an opportunity to try out the new steering knuckles I replaced a few weeks ago. He made a comment which bugged me before he left though, he said he knew I wouldn't be busy with church or anything since I don't believe in God. It isn't that it is an incorrect statement about my belief in God, its the fact that he felt the need to use that as a reason for my availability later. I don't know, just struck a chord with me that I couldn't shake. It hasn't made me mad or anything, just made me wonder why he would put it like that. As I got back to work grinding the teeth on chain saw I found myself thinking about the most bizarre things ever. There are many things I don't believe in. The top three are Bigfoot, Ghosts, and God. My reason is simple. Put the proof in my hand. Your answer is pretty simple as well, you can't. All three share many likenesses in their own special ways. Bigfoot, a North American great ape which many claim to see and hear, but can never produce a body or evidence that science can't explain. Ghosts get the same, people see them but they can never prove it. The there is God, again, something people believe in yet can't prove his existence. Now, in defense of all three, the can't be disproven either. All three remain a mystery to mankind. Unless, of course, you find yourself believing in ghost stories, fairytales, and legends. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do look forward to an actual discovery one day of one, two, or all three. Wouldn't it be a great day to finally have mankind fall straight on his ass with overwhelming evidence? But, until then, they are all just myths and/or legends, end of discussion.

Finished, and now bored, I didn't feel like waiting for my neighbor to return. I have a nap to take later and his schedule just might jack that all up. I loaded up the chains into the bucket of the tractor and set off. Since I knew where the stump was I set up for the pull. He had done most of the grunt work digging out around the stump so all I had to do is drop the chains and rock and roll. It came out like pulling a nipple from a babies lips, pop and it was out. I dragged it over to my burn pit and dropped it off. I scooped up a load of dirt and returned to his yard, dumped it out and leveled it, then returned home. Shortly afterwards I went in to the house, got undressed, and showered. I decided at that point, it was nap time. I was woke up by my daughter, who let me know it was dinner time and my presence was required. We ate, talked, played a few games of Farkle, and everyone part ways to do their own thing. My wife and I sat on the couch and watched a movie. Eventually we headed off to bed.

I never heard back from my neighbor that afternoon. I just figured he had seen what I did and just decided to leave it alone. Wrong. While I was driving to work this morning he called me to apologize for getting tied up yesterday and not letting me know what was going on. Before I could get a single word in he was asking if we could go ahead and get it done this afternoon. Um, sure, whatever you say. Which is screwed up because that means he has no clue that it is already done. Oh well, perhaps he will figure it all out before he wastes his time walking over to get me later. Funny how people are too busy in their own lives to realize even the simplest of things. I meant what I said with all honesty you know, about finding Bigfoot, Ghosts, and God, I do hope they find at least one of them in my lifetime. Until then, I will just live my life one day at a time, hopefully disappointment free.

*********** Story Update ***********

It would appear that somewhere during the day my neighbor realizued that something happened in his yard and chose to investigate it further. How do I know this? When I got home I did my normal routine and went into the kitchen to put up my lunchbox. There stood my wife pointing to a bottle of Crown Royal. When I questioned what the occassion was, she informed me that it was from my neighbor. He had explained to her he felt bad that he missed his arranged job with me and thought he would leave a bottle of Crown Royal as payment for my selfless services. What could I do? I just smiled and looked for a glass. I spoke with him later in the evening and thanked him for the gift. He was very apologetic and said he knew I liked Crown Royal and it seemed to be a way to thank me and pay me at the same time. I appreciate the gesture but I wasn't looking to get paid. Funny thing is that eventhough I assured him, repeatedly, that there were no hard feelings, he kept apologizing. So, in the end, I guess everything worked out just fine. I got to try out the improvements I had been making to the old Beast tractor, he got a stump pulled, and I get to have a nice bon-fire during the chilly nights while enjoying some Crown Royal and roasting marshmellows.

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By melanie jean juneau on March 28, 2013 at 04:30 pm

So he wasn't hopless ensconced in his own little world. Good. Looks like you shook up his world view. There is hope

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By riginal on March 28, 2013 at 06:21 pm

Scorpian read your article with much interest. You remind me of my dad. Your down to earth nature. See dad didn't have to go to church...couldn't because he had a large family. Worked Sundays. His very demeanor 'reeked' of his ACTIONS and actions speak louder than words! Your actions,and even though you say you're a non- believer strike me- and you make not like me saying this-that your very actions and how you treated that guy makes you in my mind just as close to God (the one you don't have to believe in) as he'll ever be. Dad swore bad. I do. I can't prove to you there's a God you can't prove there isn't. If people want to pray all day...good luck to them. It's self serving religious hypocrites distorting, doing shitty things is where it goes pear shaped.If you live the way YOU describe you're a GOOD-forget the God if you will-person. Isn't that a basic key to mankind? STALEMATE! My brother is steeped in religion preaches regularly. Wasn't there when i needed him.You don't have to be steeped in religion to be just have to be a tad like yourself...does that offend you? Off the subject a bit...i believe in aliens...and there appears to be firm evidence. If i lived next door to you i'd knock on your door and say,"hi buddy, i believe in God and aliens...want to grab a beer and go out back and look up at the sky a bit...perhaps swear about life in general and how kind you were to help that bloke out and how you didn't tell him to get stuffed when he got up your nose...which a lot of people would have done?" Welcome to Broowaha and don't take any notice of the other writers that don't believe in aliens...they're all crazy cept me...anyway, when they do land we've got your chainsaws! We'll have a beer with them first. You may be the first guy in the street to pull an alien's stump? I may be the last? Got to go a Yeti comin' for tea...yeti didn't turn up last week? Don't worry too much bout God...i've already rung him. He said you're okay.

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By Uttam Gill on March 28, 2013 at 10:38 pm

scorpian,whether God is there or not...or big foot of yours and Yeti of ours in Himalayas...or ghost...It's good to ponder over their existence and keep on polishing our dimensions of understanding...In the simple text of your article I have understood the existence of the fact that somewhere in the core of our heart their lives an unknown..So familiar...yet so mysterious...We all are living with this...The co-existence with God, Yeti and Ghost is certainly so far to me very interesting in this last 54 years of my life and with Riginal Aliens coming in it would be much more interesting…Only thing we need to need have more beer in our stock... Riginal more the merrier don’t you agree...if I join you and scorpion for beer and of course with other aliens can we miss out God, Yeti and Ghost............................

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 28, 2013 at 10:55 pm

I understand what you are saying but I will also add my own feelings on the matter...that good part in you that choose to help your neighbor...that is the spirit of God in you...just my humble opinion. Now Big Foot, I am not sure...but Riginal's aliens appeal to me...I hope they have three eyes and are a lime green

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By riginal on March 29, 2013 at 01:59 am

spot on Barb...if you've got good in you there's got to be a dash or splash of God and that's what i was alluding to too. Incidently guys i've never heard anyone say when the chips are down..."bigfoot please help me!..."rather..."if there's a ghost of a chance could you please help me God?" Still one to many? Everybody is born with the "right stuff." Sometimes it gets lost in translation sadly. Uttam,i'll drink to that. Barb's driving so she can't? Honestly is there a government holding out on these Alien encounters using the excuse "the people would panic!" Chunky boy Jong frightens me're going to have to have a word to him Barb.Calm him "nice hairdo chunky...shame the bat died on your head!" What the hell would you say to an evil little deviate shit like that? Something like that?

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