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by Ronald Hobbs (writer), San Francisco, May 26, 2007


We live in a time when the Radio Frequency (RF) environment is becoming increasingly congested. In order for radio signals to travel they require antennas. As I tap this out, the antenna on my computer is exchanging information with an access point, that point is connected by more antennas to what we have come to know as the internet.

Television viewing, radio listening, require antennas as do wireless telephonephones, as do cordless telephones. We cannot put an exact time when the aeriel first appeared, but, conveniently, let us say with Marconi at the beginning of the twentieth century.

There has been great fuss the last few years concerning cellphone antennas being placed on buildings in urban areas. The fuss centers on possible health repercussions, certainly a worthy consideration.

The concern is as laudable as the proponents are hypocritical-- or ignorant.

Imagine, they are sitting at home watching CNN... how do they receive that signal? Then they switch to tune in KDFC (my favorite station, but you can choose another). Then their cell phone rings and they pick it up and beam, straight into their brain, 300 milliwatts or two watts, or whatever, from the little rubber ducky attached to it.

Now, something terrible happens and they have to call 911 or SFFD. How is that message forwarded? Do you ever look at black and whites as they pass through your neighborhoods? Some of them have seven antennas. Did you ever look at the top of the Federal Building... more antennas than you can count from the ground.

And those damned hospitals have all sorts of antennas, too!

Ride the ferry, take a flight?

Well by now the point is made, not completely, but made. To get an idea of how many licensed antennas are active in the San Francisco Bay Area you can search the FCC website. It will not include the tens of thousands of Cingular, Verizon, or whatever service antennas on handheld devices there are in private use in San Francisco and environs, but it can give you a clue.

If you are opposed to antennas, cellular or otherwise, email your legislators or call them on your wireless.

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