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What Is Your Life Mission?

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“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ? Friedrich Nietzsche
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A life's mission comes from the soul. It's emotional and spiritual. You know in your heart that it's right.

I can remember so clearly when my marriage ended and I had three children to take care of on my own and no job. I had been lucky enough to be able to stay at home raising my kids and I truly treasured that time I had with my kids. I did lots of volunteer work and spent my energy and focus on my kids and family. It some ways it laid the foundation that my kids would have for the future when life got tough.....It's not easy being a single parent, especially when their other parent goes "insane" and adds many complications to their life, and you are the one left holding the bag and picking up the pieces.

Fortunately I had gotten an education and had some qualifications to find a decent job. The volunteer work also was a plus for me. The first job I got was a contract position doing commmunity development work in the core of the city.....very interesting and open-ended in that I was able to create a few programs that still are running to this day. It was my job to find the most urgent needs in one of the "hardest" areas of the city. I loved the challenge , and it opened other doors for me. I was at the point in my life where I was searching for my life mission and purpose, although I knew what it was , I was not sure HOW to get there.

Strange how when something is meant to be it just kind of all falls into place, at least in my case. As challenging as the work I was doing was, I knew in my core it was what I was suppose to be doing. I had done corporate sales at one point when I was married, and did very well at this. I had the natural ability to communicate and it seemed I could sell quite well. I made very good money doing this, but in the end I quit, I just did not feel motivated by the money.

I wanted something that had more purpose to me. I already knew I was the kind of person who needed to find meaning in my work or I would lose interest . I needed the motivation of something more important to me than money. Ask yourself what it is you really want to do with your life, and don't allow anyone or anything to stand in your way. Step out of your comfort zone, with courage and persistence you can reach your goals.

It is never too late to go for your dreams, to live in the fashion that brings you personal satisfaction. Finding a purpose in life goes much deeper than making a living. It means I commit to doing what I value in life. It comes from deep in my soul that I am compelled to pursue no matter the setbacks . It my case it was a burning desire to make a difference. To take what talents and gifts I was given, and put them to the best use I could.

It is the voice inside your soul that speaks to you and it never dies. It just becomes a part of why you live and breathe. It is emotional as well as spiritual. In many ways it is like a dream that keeps coming back telling you that this is part of your value system and you will not be whole without honoring this.

What is your life mission ? Are you living it and if not why, what is stopping you ?

It is never too late to reach for the stars and make your dreams come true .

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6 comments on What Is Your Life Mission?

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By riginal on March 09, 2013 at 01:24 pm

Barb i put forward an article about my "insane" mum. Went down a similar road. As you so rightly allude to we all have the propensity to fall in a heap and i believe it's the 'phoenix' that rises from the ashes of your deepest despair that defines what you are in life and as you say if you don't "reach out" for your dreams then you let the most important person:YOU, down because your 'reason for being' becomes distorted.I believe i was put on this earth to annoy all and sundry and even on a Mundry and if i have annoyed you one smidgin by these previous 29 words in jest then i know i am on my way? You go girl. And there's no shame in asking for a helping hand on the way. How steeped you are in wisdom. cheers...

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 09, 2013 at 05:41 pm

LOL...thank you Riginal...I think I might be a 'phoenix' because I certainly have had my share of ashes dumped on me...thing is, I am too stubborn to let anything keep me down for too long.

Sorry , You did not annoy me at all my just made me smile and tell you Thank you.

PS...maybe because it is Saturday and not Sundry or Mondry...hehe...

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By melanie jean juneau on March 09, 2013 at 06:04 pm

letting the modern world know that ..Raising children is not a default chore for women who were not successful in the world of power and wealth.

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 09, 2013 at 06:50 pm

I agree Melanie, I loved being home with my children when they were small...I had to go back to work, as I was supporting them, but I missed being home with them...

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By HomeRearedChef on March 22, 2013 at 01:37 pm

I have been very blessed, Barbara, that I, too, got to stay home to raise my children and even homeschooled them. Then, when life began to throw challenges our way (the loss of job and home) I was obliged to go back to work outside my home. I really missed being home; but I really began to like making a little money too. :)

May I say, dear Amiga, that with each post of yours I read and I get to know you a little better, I am very proud to know you AND call you my Friend...even if we are, for the moment, only "virtual" friends.

Here's sending you mucho love and BIG hugs, and always asking for God's blessings for you!

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 22, 2013 at 02:49 pm

The feeling is mutual Mi Amiga...I am so happy we met in this huge cyber world. I miss you when you are not here as your beautiful spirit brightens this whole place. I am happy though that we are also connected now on Facebook, so I can still check on you and visit you there...:-)

You humble me. I too am proud to know you and is wonderful to see some of your family also on Facebook.

I like you agree, that first and foremost my children and now grandkids always are my priority...but am also so very blessed to have known and worked with so many amazing people .

Mucho love... and hugs, thank you ...<3

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