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A program on Discovery Science, can evil be modified? riginal

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 19, 2013

Evil is within all of us. If prayer and religion fall short could neuro-science provide the answer?


Discovery Science on television: Subject 'EVIL.' Not much into seriousness but a program hosted by Morgan Freeman on evil was compelling viewing. It dragged me away from watching V8 racing. Would have floored me had I not already been lying on it. Neuro-scientists indicated that a simple brain scan can show up an 'abnormality' which can ascertain whether a certain part of a person's brain will trigger a pathological killer episode, or turn someone into one.

FREEMAN INTRO: "We all have an 'animal' inside us. Evil exists in all of us. We control it by our reasoning and thoughts."

A happily married responsible man with no prior unstable mental issues shoots a group of people from a rooftop. An autopsy reveals a walnut size tumour pressing or attached to that pathogical region which set in motion the tragedy, according to the scientists.

A 60 year old NS related this story. "As a precaution i took brain scans of my immediate family (10) plus my own. A clear abnormality showed up in one. MINE! I laughed, thought it was a mistake. Double checked. My scan was abnormal. I checked way back in my family tree and found a murderer ancestor, I have no pathological thoughts." GO FIGURE!

Clip shows NS driving down the road in daylight to illustrate the difference between a pathological killer's reasoning and 'normality.' "I drive down the street within the parameters of normality. Stick to the speed limit, observe upcoming hazards, acknowledge people." Clip shows NS driving at night time as a backdrop for PK's mental state." I drive along at night...the people I pass are simply "objects." Pretty basic illustration I guess, but easily understood.

The program went into Hitler's reign, mob mentality, riot mentality etc. but I won't go there as it was fairly involved.

A cocaine addict killer is shown a picture of cocaine, a graph of his brain shows full on desire. It diminishes rapidly when a certain stimuli is applied.

Another experiment shows individuals in segregated cubicles with headgear attached to variable minor electrical stimulation. The subject is 'sharing.' At first the graph is full on. Mild stimulation is applied to the brain and a dramatic change for the better re: sharing is the result. The altered sharing pattern lasted 30 minutes.

A young NS explains that 'group mentality' in children occurs at a very early age, alluding that behavioural patterns go as far back as the womb. A non-invasive clip was shown how behaviour patterns in children can be simply modified.

The program ended on a bright note whereupon the 60 year old NS said the availability of nasal inhalation of certain chemicals to modify behaviour re: mental patients and prison patients is now possible. The way he explained it also meant to me that it wasn't a zombie effect. Or,a military "meltdown" process reducing the patient to a gibbering simile.

The above I suppose is a can of worms to be flung round like politics/religion I guess, depending on who believes what.

We all know evil exists within all of us and my opinion is that if prayer & religious belief is not quite enough to 'exorcise' or solve a problem then perhaps it could be helped by the implementation of proven facts about the brain and ensuing help from neuro-science. Maybe it could be a bonus mankind should embrace with caution.

The program dealt with evil but this may not have been the title. Maybe someone over yonder may be able to throw more light on the subject. Very thought provoking. Before anyone starts trumpeting, blaring, and verbally smashing me over the head with their interpretation: if your comments are too outrageous I'm afraid I may have to resort to mild stimulation to restore peace.

Some people go ape and get the wind up over farts for God sake and I notice it is one of the most read blogs? I believe that using advanced technology (a simple nose peg) can at least provide a stop gap measure until the gap stops gassing...? God blast...ummm bless!

Ignore these last comments as I don't wish to put the wind up anybody and hopefully your body will reciprocate as I can't afford a peg. cheers...let's close the communication least in close encounters of a reverberation evil doers were expended in this 'back up' required thanks...

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16 comments on A program on Discovery Science, can evil be modified? riginal

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 22, 2013 at 03:04 pm

This is the program you referred to in a comment you made to me before I am thinking....very interesting and actually a lot of research is affirming this , especially when it comes to chemical imbalance and depression. Is very scary at times what I have witnessed. Getting treatment for a clinical depression really is necessary...I witnessed more than once people whose depression went beyond being able to be treated with medication as they tried to just ignore it and tuff it out...does not work usually... as it is color coded and progresses if not treated is a chemical imbalance ... NOT A MATTER OF MIND OVER MATTER...People suffer in silence often to avoid the stigma that still can be attached to this.

Enjoy your weekend my friend. :-)

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 22, 2013 at 03:07 pm

Oh, I wanted to say that when this is ignored they then had to have shock treatment to bring them out of the depression... and the results can be devasting. (memory loss, tics, severe headaches, etc).

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By riginal on March 22, 2013 at 04:29 pm

Hi Barb. I am not going to delve. Suffice to say 'been there done that' shock treatment is utter bullshit! Been round madness most my life...haven't we all! The bottom line is this.This was told me by a top hypnotist in the field of hypnotherapy. He told me that madness in itself as a result of emotional problems, trauma etc, disregarding for a minute chemical imbalance (which exacerbates the problem) the sufferer/s either go mad or sad. Sad, obviously the clinical depression. We see MAD all day on the roads! I had one session with this guy and he taught me and told me things MORE than i had learned in my whole life. Self hypnosis i believe is marvellous as an add on, or by itself. Chemical imbalance is a terrible burden as you well know. I'm trying to get someone help. Problem being 'irrational' imbalance becomes their stubborn 'norm'.Won't take their tablets albeit a stop gap cure.Hopefully neuroscience can participate. Thank God lobotomy fell by the wayside. We could discuss the subject til hell freezes over Barb. Pity our pollies don't get heated up over it. Must go unicorn needs new tyres. Remember how they 'fixed' shellshocked troops early days? They created a false "the war is over" scenario. It worked.Then they sent the poor bastards out again.The mind is such a powerful is my unicorn! My heart goes out to all those with problems. But when you've finished with it can you bring the bloody thing back! It's not a bloody football! Cheers...girl.

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 22, 2013 at 04:51 pm

Sad but true Riginal... and lets not even get started on what happened to many of my friends who served in Viet Nam...many came home as addicts, just from trying to cope with the barbaric issues they faced there. Have u ever seen one of my all time favorites movies? One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.. the scene where Jack Nickolas is given shock treatment...I am sure you have, but this has always stayed with me... and unfortunately I have seen this happen to people I have known or worked with. My advice, please get help if u have clinical not allow it to get to this...

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By riginal on March 22, 2013 at 06:20 pm

Barb i could be wrong...i think they gave him a lobotomy? I'll run you through briefly what i went through. Just got diabetes, had no one. Needle size of crowbar. First injection ended up unconscious. Thin as. Went to doc was falling out . He rubs my head..."you got diabetes son."All i was worried bout was my stupid 'Elvis' hair do. Mate had same hair problem. His dad took him, got it fixed. My dad didn't put his arm round me. Boo hoo. He said..."i had to go you'll have to go." My Mum was too far gone.My childhood was strangling me. Waves of crap. Mates tried to talk me out of it. Went in. Whole shebang,the shrink all bullshit. Went in voluntarily. They strapped me down. Bearing in mind SAD not mad. Turned on the with the lot! Sorry...i think they did them in six. Came out of it,scrambled head. Felt so wonderful like i was in heaven. Cup of tea...piece of toast. 2 hrs later it was all back again. All bullshit because the deep seated 'hair' thing was the problem. Bloke in bed next door going off his head at midnight roughly every night...injection...strap him down. The orderly told me HIS own missus was crazy. Won't go into the rest. Was bowling a bowling ball all day to a guy who was 'gone'.Got up out of between the crisp white sheets one night. Knelt down and said "God will you fucking help me?" The next morning went to the head shrink. "I'm going home buddy!" "Oh no you're're not ready." "Oh yes i am...came here voluntarily with a childhood stuffed've made it worse...going out!...GOING OUT!" Dad picked me up. "Stupid pants you've got on!" Went shopping with woman i befriended. She picked out tartan pants. Never looked back. Barb...that's the tip of it. "one flew over the cuckoos nest in stupid tartan pants?" There's a God! Barb don't tell your next door neighbour...they'll think i'm a nutter! Pin point the basis of your problem.If it's chemical no shame in taking tablets...hypnotherapy advice for me.Nearly forgot...thanks for the brilliant intervention God! You and me know what i am...Barb you're not falling asleep are you?'re not charging me for these sessions? cheers...

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 22, 2013 at 06:59 pm

I understand Riginal... and am sorry you went through that...but I also have to say it has made u a very compassionate human being...I so read that through all the laughs...I see u my friend... and u are amazing. It is incredible what people can live through is it not? Thank you so much for sharing so honestly...yes u do understand... I'm with you there...God has always intervened when I needed him...

You could be right, maybe it was a lobotomy...I am just picturing the shock treatment in my mind.

No charge at all my friend...I am here if u ever need me to vent or talk... just message me. Personally I think u are just fine, and much saner than many I have known. :-)

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By riginal on March 23, 2013 at 09:21 am

thanks Barb. Guess what i was trying to say is don't waste your life. In longhand.

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 23, 2013 at 10:27 am

Your welcome Riginal...I also can be long winded when it comes to an issue I feel strongly about. I was simply taking the chance to try to address some of the issues I have seen around depression and attitudes which can be very destructive. What you had written in this article open the door to it and I thank you my friend. I know you do understand what I meant, but unfortunately there are many who are less aware and continue to suffer needlessly.

I agree, life is not a dress it the best way you can...:-)

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By Uttam Gill on March 23, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Riginal your article made me think a lot about the general perceptions on Neurological disease and also the comments made by you and Barb...With all humbleness I wish to make my point of view because in my life I lost two very dear souls of my family due to Neuro related disease

DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is on its way and that certainly, as I gather from the draft going to bring in radical changes in our perception about not only disease but also the diagnostic terms which we use. Mental Retardation will be referred as “Intellectual Disability”

Having said this I want to drive home a point that that one single program on Discovery Channel cannot claim authoritatively and that too without any clinical research and analysis. While going into the details of observations made there in, I hold the legitimate right to question the very first the Title of the program. The title of the program was ill conceived and insensitive towards the viewers, who are inflicted with the neurological disease. By saying evil itself is an indication of regression of thoughts which are structured on the basis of religious scriptures and that’s my point of contention. The Evil is in the mind of a conceiver of this program. I just refused to be a gentleman, when I have to deal with people whose motives are only to gain TRP (Target Rating Point).

FREEMAN INTRO: "We all have an 'animal' inside us. Evil exists in all of us. We control it by our reasoning and thoughts”-If I go by Freeman words then surely by what he mean that all animals are evil…and this I cannot digest…

I lost my sister (Epilepsy) and mother (Parkinson) due to the disease which is directly related to Neurological disorder…It is so humiliating and disgusting to read the man’s utterance… ”Oh! They have Evil in them”…To me that is outrageous.

I hope DSM-V with its task force (27 members) would help in changing the mindset of the people change. Each member holds a credible qualification, exposure, experience and research work in their discipline and that’s how I believe, they would lead us to correct the conventional posture.

All this work of DSM-V should not be doctored or orchestrated by the giant Pharmaceutical Companies. That’s what I pray…Let’s hope and keep your finger crossed…

Sharing with you an extract from Wikipedia about first draft diagnostic criteria

  • 1. The recommendation of new categories for learning disorders and a single diagnostic category, "autism spectrum disorders" that will incorporate the current diagnoses of autistic disorders, Asperger syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder (not otherwise specified). Work group members have also recommended that the diagnostic term "mental retardation" be changed to "intellectual disability," bringing the DSM criteria into alignment with terminology used by other disciplines.
  • 2. Eliminating the current categories substance abuse and dependence, replacing them with the new category "addiction and related disorders." This will include substance use disorders, with each drug identified in its own category. Eliminating the category of dependence will better differentiate between the compulsive drug-seeking behavior of addiction and normal responses of tolerance and withdrawal that some patients experience when using prescribed medications that affect the central nervous system.
  • 3. Creating a new category of "behavioral addictions," in which gambling will be the sole disorder. Internet addiction was considered for this category, but work group members decided there was insufficient research data to do so, so they recommended it be included in the manual's appendix instead, with a goal of encouraging additional study.
  • 4. New suicide scales for adults and adolescents to help clinicians identify those individuals most at risk, with a goal of enhancing interventions across a broad range of mental disorders; the scales include research-based criteria such as impulsive behavior and heavy drinking in teens.
  • 5. Consideration of a new "risk syndromes" category, with information to help clinicians identify earlier stages of some serious mental disorders, such as neurocognitive disorder (dementia) and psychosis.
  • 6. A proposed new diagnostic category, temper dysregulation with dysphoria (TDD), within the Mood Disorders section of the manual. The new criteria are based on a decade of research on severe mood dysregulation, and may help clinicians better differentiate children with these symptoms from those with bipolar disorder or oppositional defiant disorder.
  • 7. New recognition of binge eating disorder and improved criteria for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, as well as recommended changes in the definitions of some eating disorders now described as beginning in infancy and childhood to emphasize that they may also develop in older individuals.
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    By riginal on March 24, 2013 at 03:23 am

    Uttam point one. I stated that i 'flicked' through. And stated also that 'evil' may not have been the title of the program hence i asked if anyone could enlighten on the program title or if they had indeed seen it? I don't know whether you are alluding to me regarding target rating points or the program?Morgan Freeman i believe would not have to stoop to such a low position in life as to present himself in such a manner as you allude to. Alan Alda is also a producer of such films. I put forward salient stated findings and observations and no-where did i allude to what you are talking about re your relatives etc? Had you felt so strongly about the subject i'm surprized you didn't come forward sooner? Please don't run mental issues past me as my two best friends one bipolar,one manic i would defend to the end. If you feel so strongly about the subject i would suggest you contact the program and question the people involved? You are a far more intelligent person than i Uttam and perhaps you could then relay their response to me? We all have issues.If you read my piece again you will see that i said at all times...'progress' with caution! Presently have a friend on 'suicide' watch. DEVASTATING! You talk about RATINGS? Dr. Phil brings on two American soldiers in dire straights mentally ETC and ALL the help HE is going to to provide. Okay! what about the rest of the poor buggers who fought for their country? Will or does the government provide the same expensive/EXPANSIVE treatment? No Uttam, one program doesn't encapsulate all. I saw a glimmer of hope and understanding...if you see it any different light then that's your perception and i defend your right to say the death! Wasn't that long back i was grappling with a person trying to jump off a bridge. The conversation we're having, as Barb alluded to...doesn't occur in government WHY? Because it is one big expensive can of worms shoved under a blanket of 'who gives a shit.' In conclusion my dear friend, i may come across as sensitive...but i have a hide thick as. If you think of me as any less because of my post then so be it. I know where your heart is and your despair at society and the world. But my opinion of you hasn't gone down one iouta. I put forward in a post about three weeks ago; re: the starving in third world countries. How about a stamp issued by government, a wretched emaciated person ten seconds from death REACHING OUT! Gosh no! people would be appalled! Maybe their kiddies would say, "mum! dad! why is that person so thin...they look like they're dying!" Silly suggestion? They run ciggie ads,people dying, traffic accidents, etc etc. God bless Uttam. If you decide to pursue the producers of the untitled program dealing with 'evil' let me know. Actually how bout Broowaha getting an ink stamp up depicting that same starving person reaching out? so letters can be stamped to promote this terrible problem. I'll buy one! God bless you all. If anyone wants to hit me their rythm stick feel free! Before i forget, animals i guess Uttam are the better species in a lot of instances...and why should mankind in its present state look for other planets to we can leave the starving behind? Speaking of chemicals...why do people ingest illegal substance? Not judging...but perhaps they are 'starving' for a bit of reassurance in their chaotic lives drenched in insecurity and mayhem we loosely call reality? That's why i love poetry and makes me feel GOOD!. What makes you feel good? cheers...

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    By Barbara MacDonald on March 24, 2013 at 09:55 am

    I believe this is just a misunderstanding created by grouping all neuroscience together. There are many branches , which study different aspects of the brain and nervous system.

    Neuroscience is thus defined...The study of the brain and nervous system, including molecular neuroscience, cellular neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, psycho physics, computational modeling and diseases of the nervous system.

    I understand what you are saying Uttam, and yes I would not ever want people to be classified as evil because they have a physical neurological illness. I myself was diagnosed with MS, Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological disease. I do not believe this was their meaning.

    Morgan Freeman ...

    FREEMAN INTRO: "We all have an 'animal' inside us. Evil exists in all of us. We control it by our reasoning and thoughts. He was NOT grouping people in a category because they have a neurological disorder . He was rather pointing out that we, as rational thinking human beings, are in control of this with our thoughts reasoning, and actions.

    From what I am gathering, the program was talking about some of the newer areas they have been studying. For example, they have proven that by scanning the brain often they can visualize depression by seeing the chemical structure having changed. To me, this is very positive and hopefully will eliminate the ignorant thinking that depression is just a mind over matter disease. The stigma from this has prevented many who suffer, from seeking and getting the help they need in this area. This very much troubles me, because I know there are avenues to help in regards to this. Whether it be through proper medication or cognitive therapy, and other therapies. I chose to focus on this aspect when I left my comments, because I have witnessed this so often over the years with many people I have worked with, as well as known personally.

    There have also been studies done concerning studying the brains of serial killers to see if they can visualize a particular physical connection in any way through their brains. I personally think that is fascinating and would be interested to know this. Then they possibly could intervene before anyone had to suffer as a result of this. I do believe this is part of what they were referring to in this program.

    Uttam I believe was making reference to TRP (Target Rating Point). The rating system used to determine what shows people are watching most? I could be wrong, but this is what I gathered. And yes, the pharmaceutical companies do have too much influence over many areas...(money talks) ...this is a fact we all must be aware of.

    The DSM-V I know will be making many changes . I have the third addition myself. Over the years through research, many adjustments have been made. Also the literal classification has been changed to show a more humanistic defination of illnesses.

    We still have a long ways to go in understanding so many of the mental illnesses. Also many of the physical illnesses which are neurological in origin...

    " The human brain — a spongy, three-pound mass of tissue — is the most complex living structure in the known universe."

    Quoted from the Science Of Neuroscience.

    The importance of this research cannot be overstated. More than 1,000 disorders of the brain and nervous system result in more hospitalizations and lost productivity than any other disease group, including heart disease and cancer.

    Brain researchers are motivated to understand behavior. How do cell circuits enable us to read and speak? How and why do we form relationships? How do we think, remember, despair, or motivate? Scientists discover possible causes of devastating disorders of the brain and body, as well as ways to prevent or cure them. And they strive to advance a centuries-old scientific quest to understand how the world around us works.

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    By Uttam Gill on March 24, 2013 at 10:17 am

    Cheers and cheer up Riginal...Oh! No way I am trying to object you and your post...Rather I have put forth my views on that program with an intention to supplement your thoughts… perhaps it hasn't and I failed. No issue with you my dear Friend…My entire comment is on the program and not at all on you…With no offence and malice against anyone… if my comments unknowingly caused any undue anxiety or distress to anybody my apology for that…

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    By riginal on March 24, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    Uttam i've never ever had to 'cheer up' for many many years! My problem? is this.I'm HAPPY 99.9 % all the time...just plain happy. I knew you would respond to my comments as you did because you are a gentleman. I get a tad down but when i see a young boy who can no longer see having both eyes removed because of cancer and the courage he displays, it is bloody humbling. Today's news here? A young woman stabs her boyfriend 17 times in the head. She was out unsupervised from a high security centre. They are still looking for her.The same max security centre where my brother-in-law now resides. Tried to get him help. he was carrying a gun/bashing his head on his car...smoking grass...ex vet. I did get him help.The local centre choc-a-block, let him out. He went straight to one of the policemen who originally helped to take him away...tried to stab him to death. Policeman lived. Barb you sum up so succinctly. The 'evil' program was just one small part of an increasingly overwhelming mental JIGSAW problem as you say. Created in part by apathy within and outside politics...lack of resources. Australian politics if you have been watching lately resemble a full on house of utter ratbags! A comical 'much-ado-about nothing/upmanship/womanship.' I just love their comedy! Poetry in their "no motions." Never smoked a stick of grass or any other stuff in my life...been offered.If someone else does not for me to judge? Maybe i'm old fashioned.ME! i get high on breathing...and waiting for the aliens to straighten the planet up...if they're silly enough to land? Cheers...

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    By Uttam Gill on March 24, 2013 at 01:22 pm

    Riginal, I appreciate your concern...You got a point..thank you very much for your kind words

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    By riginal on March 24, 2013 at 02:16 pm

    no Uttam. Last comment before people run out of panadol or whatever they take for 'pain-in-the-ass' stirrers like me. Thank YOU for being YOU Uttam. For without YOU and people remotely like you earth would be a bitch to live in/on. Okay! i've said it!...i believe that all the sin in the world was created by women! Particularly those with 'fancy' pots and pans which Eve had access to. She made apple strudel from the 'forbidden' apple tree...with whipped cream! And force fed the INNOCENT! Adam who was happy to watch a good ball game.. I think it was the whipped cream that stuffed everything i've heard. Shit...hope Barb's asleep! Okay girls...put your talons on and we'll go at it!...straight after i finish my strudel. "Get thee behind me o'whipped cream!"

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    By Barbara MacDonald on March 24, 2013 at 06:11 pm

    No worries Riginal, it takes more than that to rattle

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