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On the Ball: A Balancing Act for Spring Makeover

by SHANNAH SCHILIT (writer), NewYorkState since my 5th Birthday, February 27, 2013

Five Ways to Smile into a Golden Spring leaping from Season to Season

What a clown. Orange curls and polka-dot pants. Massive shoes. And a killer juggle!--a little stumble in the roll sometimes--as Mr Clown makes fast turns around the corners--or perhaps a nervous shake as he works the midpoint of the tightwire, yet--he continues with his show, and he always has another trick in his hat!--how many hats will you be wearing this spring?--more or perhaps less than you wear right now?--or maybe--you will engage in some kind of "hat exchange"--forfeiting one hat in exchange for another--or it may be that you want to run your finger down the entire hat-rack, and playfully, whimsically, and experimentally--try on a few! Here is your


Nature Walk Weekly, pick a day and time that works best for your schedule--and cultivate a sense of harmony from within as your senses take in the scents, sounds, and crispy feel of the seasonally transitioning air.


Get Layered. Don't get trapped in discomfort by suddenly feeling "too hot" and then "too cold" as winds change. Easy to peel off and put on layers of clothing will optimize your outdoor time--preventing unnecessary sweating or chill bare shivers.


Fantasize every day for at least five minutes. Einstein teaches us that Imagination and Creativity are even more important than knowledge. Close your eyes for a minute or two--and let your mind be unleashed like wild horses--then open your mind and scribble your thoughts in no particular order, you may wish to doodle or accompany words with images. You don't have to save the thought-sheet or file it in your journal--the main purpose of this exercise is *Catharsis *Inner-Reflection and *Self-Awareness.


Give yourself at least three simple self-indulges, every day--no matter what. Preferably begin early, and then add an indulgence in the afternoon and evening as well. It could be absolutely anything from taking a minute of self-affirmation to creating an infusion of your favorite herbal blend. Or perhaps watching your favorite television program or sassing up your spring wardrobe. The choice is yours and the possibilities are limitless, yet--the purpose matters most; and that is to allow joy to blossom from within.


Commit an act of Loving-Kindness for at least one other person--each and every day. You can choose a familiar face or a total stranger. Ironically--the greatest moments of joy I have ever experienced--came from giving smiles as opposed to receiving them. Even something as simple as letting your loose change slide into the coffee-girl's tip-cup, can totally make her day. Acts of kindness can not always be planned. Sometimes you simply walk along your path and happen to see a fallen wounded person--so naturally, you reach out a hand.

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