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Forgotten Genocide

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), February 24, 2013

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Many innocents brutally killed, raped and tortured for ethnic cleansing and the world turns blind eye to this horrendous crime.This is about Forgotten Genocide.

Why is that, when we celebrate victory over the evils, we tend to overlook the worse carnage undertaken by the victorious army. Many disturbing facts of the history kept concealed from the public glare. Why that brutality of conquerors over the conquered did not find mention in the print and electronic media…Why it was not considered then, as a matter of prime concern, when thousands of people, of specific ethnic group, were hounded, massacred, tortured and their women raped. Where were the champions of peace, then? I must say, they were all so busy in celebrating the victory. In the close hood of their invincibility they intentionally overlooked the carnage with absolute insensitivity.

How that the world never heard the cries of millions of unarmed people…As I understand there was complete paralysis to our sensitivity…We celebrated victory over the evil. Never knew that actually Satan had changed the saddle to ride over victorious horse, so as to continue unleash his terror.

I got so appalled, when I came to know about the truth, which had had been so far to me, was not existing; this piece of history, I was completely oblivious of. Accidently one day, I stumbled upon the stenching piece of information on the net and it horrified me with shame, indignation and guilt, that how the hell I was not knowing about the horrendous crime committed over the Sudetan Germans.

You may wonder, that how anything which happened many years ago, can affect my peace of mind but I must own up that, it certainly did. When I scanned the net, to gather more facts about those times, I got to know, which was obscured from me and everything suddenly appeared so live. As I turned the pages of history, I came to know about the Genocide of unimaginable magnitude. Those who do not wonder perhaps may not, understand the gravity of crime, committed then, not only by the victorious Army but also by the civil population, who connived with no remorse, in unleashing the reign of terror, over the helpless Germans.

The decision taken then at Yalta and Potsdam by the victorious nation must be questioned. The systematic ethnic cleansing, of such kind couldn’t have happened, without the tacit approval of the respective governments of the victorious Army. If, that was an allied policy, surely that decision can be questioned even now. The law of natural justice says, yes, it must be

The orchestrator of Crime as I understand never brought to the gallows; rather I am shocked to know that, Czech Government enacted a law, where by immunity was granted to the criminals, if they found to have committed any crime over the ethnic Germans.

On knowing this, I came to understand the farcical existence of the world. The world, I never knew. How can we be so brutal? How the world never came to know about this ethnic cleansing? Many questions now knock my mind and I gauge the state of world, with suspicion.

The years have gone past and right now, I just grope in dark to pick up the listless, nameless, faceless people who were subjected to immense cruelty by the perpetrators of crime. The tragedies befallen on the millions of people cannot be comprehended here in this article and I silently, with tears in my eyes brood over the pages of history, which is smeared with blood of millions of innocents. I ask myself, are we human being, really sane?

I am sharing here with, few links to understand the insulting existence of us human being horrific act. I watched with horror…

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By Barbara MacDonald on February 25, 2013 at 02:33 pm

Uttam, I too have asked that very same question..."Are we human?" ...and if we are WHY is there such barbaric cruelty in this world...I doubt I will ever have an answer to that question in my lifetime. It sickens me, it rip at my heart, it makes me lose faith in humanity...but, still I refuse to give into evil..I will try one person at a time to help and pray that my grand kids live in a kinder world. :-(...

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By Anastasia on February 26, 2013 at 05:58 pm

A great piece, Uttam. Let me recommend Savage Continent: Europe in the Aftermath of World War II by Keith Lowe, a book I reviewed last year both on the GoodReads site and on my Ana the Imp blog.

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By HomeRearedChef on February 27, 2013 at 04:17 pm

As my father always told us, Uttam, if we don't learn from the past, from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. That is why we must teach our children, and never let them forget those atrocities.

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