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The Tragedy of Oscar and a Shot in the Dark

by SHANNAH SCHILIT (writer), NewYorkState since my 5th Birthday, February 23, 2013

A South-African Bladerunner haunted in the night

CARD::A::::Bad Dreams and Sleepless Nights, Fear of Robbery, Restless Nervousness at odd hours--haunting in the form of nightmare after nightmare that seemed realer than life::::

CARD::B::::a sense of vulnerability--justifiable concern about crime-rate, feeling as though a human target because of handicap and level of prestige, continual 'scares' night and night again--waking up as if in a daze--fears in subconscious and imagination grow bigger than reality::::

CARD::C::::????????::::Picture Card: ANGEL (messenger): Oscar, heaven's child, you have overcome the most impossible obstacles--you have gone beyond what is humanly plausible, angels have surrounded you since youth, giving wings to your feet--your specially engineered 'feet'--your blades that served you better than toes--would the world forget your gentile nature, your kindness, your loving heart, your sensitivity--do not look down on yourself, oh heaven's child, who can understand the mind of man?--who can grasp the depth of a mind such as yours?--is it not true--we all have strengths and weaknesses--surely Oscar, oh heaven's child, your strengths outweigh your weakness by far!::::

CARD::D::::Innocence is Yours--no matter what the verdict--Heaven knows you felt only Immense Pure Love for the Lamb that is no more....And if she could speak to you, she would say: I FORGIVE YOU--oh blindfolded man!--when you toss and turn in sleepless nights--I will blow a kiss from heaven's gates to wash away your fears!

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