Saturday, November 17, 2018

A Purim Tale of Two Royal Wives

by SHANNAH SCHILIT (writer), NewYorkState since my 5th Birthday, February 23, 2013

Two Queens, both beautiful, tell their version of Royal Herstory

(Monologue of Queen Vashti):::::::: I am VASHTI and I am Queen!--who can match me?--my husband has demanded my presence--but I am VASHTI and I am Queen!--may he wait indefinitely....Who?--is good enough to replace me!--This is my palace--is my make-up done perfectly?--do the curls on my head bounce with royal sass?--I am the one and the only: VASHTI....does the king want to see me dance?--does he want to flaunt me?--WHAT is this--would he dare replace me--with what?--A Jewish Woman!--and what has become of me--I am Vashti--and I WAS Queen--but Hadassah has usurped me!--she wears my crown and my robes!--she sits at my royal table--and My husband is now HER husband!--where did I go wrong?--what has become of me--I had everything--I did NOT bow to his scepter--I did NOT submit to his will--can this Hadassah do better than me? :::::::::::::::::

(Monologue of Queen Esther)::::::::::::: I am Hadassah and now I am Queen--I fear my husband's wrath--I heard what he did to Queen Vashti--what then?--would prevent him from doing the same to me?--what if he discovers: I AM JEWISH--what would he say?--what would he do?--I must always revere him and never provoke his wrath--I will NOT do as Vashti has done--when my presence is requested I will appear--but my first duty is to my G-D and heavenly king--my husband has HIS occupation and I have husband answers to HIS Royal Court--and I answer to mine--I will fast and cover my head with ashes--I will plead to Hashem: I will plead for the survival of My People--so that the same rope that the Vile Haman had intended for the neck of a Jew--will be flipped on Haman's own throat instead--was I not born for this reason?--I live like a woman with a mask on--what will my husband say--once he discovers--once he sees under the "mask"--once he knows at last: I AM JEWISH, and what happens to my people--happens to me to me, too!--I will prepare a feast, with only the finest of royal delicacies--I will put on my best robes--and my skin and hair will be nourished with the purest sweetest scented oils--I will approach him in a docile whisper, I will bow and kiss his scepter--and if it be the will of Hashem, may my Husband and King and Ruler of the land, look upon me with eyes of favor, and deal with me gently, as though I were his rare and precious flower--at risk of becoming--extinct.

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