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The Crowning Glory of Dance

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), February 19, 2013

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Feel the majestic aura of dance...In the crowning glory of dance, you too can live as King and Queen.

Come on, those who are at the edges, join here. No matter what you are, where you are, who you are; the time is now to rejoice. Unwind and let loose, give space to yourself. Can you hear the thunderous applause from invading clouds? Hold on rain is following. Just don’t wait, surrender yourself to the natures blessing…Here comes the rain, now is the perfect time to blaze the dance floor.

The woman in silk walks up to the center; looks up and raises her hand and circles her body. Yes, the lady, the first one to lead to occupy a space in the center, as the shower drenches her completely, thunder and lightning composes the perfect scripture for seduction. The onlooker with dropped jaws looks at the center and they are speechless. Everybody so quiet and so mesmerized. The woman circles her body again while leaning to one side and they see now, the sensuality occupies the space over her curves. Thunder and shower is in its fury but it empowers the lady to move her body in perfect harmony. The foot, the arm position and rendition by the shower and thunder, creates a flawless fusion and that’s how the magical spell begins and it makes a man from the crowd to walk towards her and he asks “May I”

Train your eyes to capture the delightful form of dancing couple. If you cannot do so then surely you miss the majestic aura of dance. Music and dance always fascinates. To your utter pleasure, when you feel the mystical influence of music and that’s how then, your mood and body would articulate, with total submission. In that total submission, you disarm your inhibitions and embark into the heavenly world, where in total ecstasy; life treats you as king and queen

When you dance everything changes. The sulking and cantankerous equations of life just vanish at the very first node of music. To the submissive charm of music, as you surrender, your body unwinds to enact the perfect display of joy and pleasure. Those who watch, it is a feast to sight.

In the rarity of our existence, it seldom happens, that, when rain and thunder, as an appellate orchestrator, ignites the passion to its extreme. And, when it happens, mark my word, it is then, you understand the reality of your existence with nature. No moment can ever be as defining as that of rain and thunder, when in its resounding aura you draft the sensuality on your body with dance and music.

Right now that couple is dancing…They are the king and queen… Enrich yourself with music and nature and acquire the Kingdome of your dreams. In the crowning glory of dance, you too can live as King and Queen.Even if you have to dance in street...For God sake, please dance...

Yes, in the the crowning glory of dance…you can find your love too…so please dance

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By Barbara MacDonald on February 19, 2013 at 05:19 pm

Well Uttam, as always you express your self with so much honesty and eloquence....Dance is truly a beautiful gift, and dancing in the rain is amazing...I have done that, and it is a wonderful memory. :-) The beauty of dance and music is that it gets inside your soul and sets you free. How awful it would be to live in a world without music...

Bob Marley "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain"

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By HomeRearedChef on February 19, 2013 at 05:52 pm

And dance I will, Uttam. I LOVE, love dancing, I always have. And the video certainly makes me want to get out of my seat and just let go. Ahh!!

When I met my husband he did not dance, but does dance with me and to please me. I have actually taught him to dance with slow movements, and it pleases the both. :)

The video was just wonderful. Thank you, my friend.

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By melanie jean juneau on February 19, 2013 at 06:34 pm

can youever paint word pictures - a wonderful, creative gift

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