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Vitamin C is a lot more important than you think

It is not an important vitamin, it is essential!

You often hear the word essential thrown around in your day to day life in a cavalier manner. It is not an important vitamin, it is actually essential in that we cannot survive without. Our bodies can synthesize many other vitamins, but with vitamin C the only way to get it into our body is from the food and supplements that we consume. The only other animals that cannot synthesize Vitamin C are bats, guinea pigs, capybaras, and other primates. Every other animal including our pets like dogs for example can simply make Vitamin C from other parts of it’s body.

When someone does not get any Vitamin C into their body they are stricken with the extremely terrible condition of Scurvy. Scurvy shows just how essential of a vitamin that it really is. The effects of scurvy include your teeth falling out, brown spots all over the skin, and bleeding from every mucous membrane. This brings us to the question of exactly how much we should be consuming. The recommended dose of total mg’s for an adult in the U.S. is 90mg’s a day while only 75mg’s for woman. Considering the importance of this vitamin to our lives and the fact that it can be safely taken at 2,000 mg’s a day without a problem for most people like myself, it makes you wonder why the daily recommended number is so low. Taking more than 2-3,000 mg’s in one day can have the effect of indigestion depending on the individual, so there is a point you do not want to cross in terms of dose.

Vitamin C is well known for it’s ability to boost the immune system and is actually found in high concentrations in our immune cells. Besides being powerful for our immune system it is also a potent anti-oxidant in that helps in the prevention of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and inflammatory issues such as arthritis. One last way that it helps many people is through it’s ability as a natural antihistamine; An important fact for those of you who struggle with allergies.

The power of vitamins are often undervalued by society. Vitamin C is not an exception to this. Even though is it the most taken supplement in the world it does not get the justice it deserves. It is much more valuable than it gets credit for and people are therefore ignorant to the power that it holds. One other person that held this view with me was two Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling. In his book, “How To Live Longer and Feel Better” he advocates a high dose of Vitamin C. It is the most sold supplement for good reason, so be sure not to make the mistake of not having it part of your diet in the form of foods or supplement form if not both.

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