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A Problem of Survival

by demanar (writer), Houston, May 22, 2007

It has come to my attention that there are far too many people around me. Do you ever wonder why it is the traffic is so bad? Maybe you can't seem to comprehend why there are so many people crowding u

Do you just chalk it up to bad timing? Maybe everyone just gets off work at the same time. Well, sure you can blame some of the problem on bad timing, but you can't expect this problem to go away because there will only be more people on this earth tomorrow. A year from now there will be millions more people walking around to crowd up the already busy streets that you walk on today and there is nothing you can do to prevent these people from moving to the city you live in and taking up the space you thought was yours.

There is nothing that can dispute the fact that humans are populating the earth and show no signs of stopping. They won't stop with the greed and selfishness pushing on them so hard to drive this reproduction problem. It was once necessary for humans to reproduce in abundance so that we may become the dominant species on this planet. That need is gone. We are only going to hurt ourselves and our ecosystem if we continue this trend. Pollution and destruction of our recourses will only increase with number of people to satisfy increasing everyday.

The resources that the earth has to offer us are in limited supply. As of right now we do not have a way to regenerate many of the most valuable supplies that we use. Take steel for example. Steel is made of alloys found in the earth. We do not have the means to duplicate these materials like we can with some foods and fuels. Once we use up all of those alloys we have nothing to replace them with. What is worse is that we have developed a dependency on steel in many areas of construction and manufacturing and in turn, our day to day lives. Most people do not understand and are not aware of this issue and the companies that run our lives are perfectly fine with keeping it that way.

We can not rely on major corporations for information about what is best for us. They will only tell us things that will encourage us to buy their products and use their services. They do not care what is good for us. If they did, then the cigarette companies would be gone a long time ago. Don't listen to what they have to say, I can not reinforce that enough. They want our money and nothing else. As far as they are concerned the prospect of more people on this earth is the same as more customers to give them money. More people to consume and pollute is only going to destroy the little hope your descendants have left of survival.

Humans have survived due to our higher intelligence. It is time to implement our greatest tool to guarantee our survival once more. Ask yourself, how many kids do you really need? None. You don't need any at all. I know some of you think more about yourselves than the rest of existence. In some cases you have to. But don’t let your selfishness take over on this one. Trust me you don't need any kids. If you feel that you must have some one to pass down your genes then have one kid. If you just want someone to take care of go to the old folks home or adopt a child. There are far to many kids without someone to call "Mom" or "Dad" for you to ignore. Does that not make sense to you? There are other people that need your help in this world.

I heard a radio host talk about over population once. He pointed out that there was no population problem because the government in America still owned 60% of the land and there were plenty of places to live. Like I have already pointed out, the problem goes deeper than that. We have a responsibility to maintain this planet. Don't let our history fade from the history books of the future. The message contained in this text is important for all people to see and understand so to prevent our demise. It needs to be made sure that there will be a human race one billion years from now. Do your part to change the trend that will destroy us completely and we just might make it into the halls of forever.

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By Geddy on June 30, 2007 at 10:38 am
I'm not sure we've survived because of our higher intelligence; more likely in spite of it.
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