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Illegal Alien Workers Cost Americans Money : Part 3

by sanity check (writer), Maryland, May 22, 2007

Myth - The impact of illegal labor in the United States is actually making a positive financial contribution to America. There simply is no way the additional costs of government social services, the

The facts are simple and indisputable:

Illegal Mexican workers are largely uneducated and receive very low pay. Poor people can't afford to pay for their health care, may not be able to provide for their children, and often require support from social services to make ends meet. It is a day-to-day struggle for poor people to find enough money to buy food, provide shelter and clothes. Illegals are poor. Children born to illegals residing in the U.S. are considered residents and the families of these children waste no time applying for "benefits" for their American children including but not limited to food stamps, medical care, and education.

Think about this for just a minute. The United States has a personal progressive income tax. The more a person makes, the higher his/her tax liability. If the poor could take care of themselves, the government would not need to supply social programs and offset the costs of these programs by taking a disproportionate amount of money off higher wage earners. It's the poor that NEED these programs. Why would anyone be surprised to learn that poor illegals aren't pulling their weight?

A study by The Center for Immigration Studies in Washinton, DC by Steven A. Camarota calculated that as of 2002, illegals produced a ten billion dollar deficit when ALL factors of illegal immigration were factored in.

The Federal Government now provides several billion dollars a year to local and state prison systems to offset the cost of incarceration of illegal aliens. The nearly two billion dollars still leaves over a billion dollar deficit to handle the burden created by incarcerated illegal aliens.

Social Security is a tax that is supposed to be automatically WITHHELD from a workers paycheck. It has two parts: the employee's contribution and a matching contribution required of the employer. When combined, the social security rate is 15.2% of the first $94,000 of wages. It starts with the first dollar a wage earner makes. These payments are tracked and become part of a person's income tax return and eventually lead to retirement entitlements or in the event of death, payments made to surviving children. Illegal workers are often paid in cash, under the table. No withholding is done. In other words, many illegals aren't even paying their fair share of the taxes that Americans pay.

Given that taxes can easily be twenty to thirty percent of a person's pay, it could be argued that the illegal worker is actually receiving a higher take-home pay than his legal American counterpart as he has no withholding. This also means a large segment of employees are not paying anything into the Federal coffers. And it also means American workers displaced by cheap illegal labor are not accruing benefits.

Several studies that purport to show an economic expansion resulting from the influx of illegals ignores the offsetting negative impacts. The illegals do spend the money they make but all it takes is one trip to the Emergency room and a hospital is left with a huge, unpaid medical bill that eventually is passed on to Americans.

Police departments, EMTs, social services, educational providers have all created programs to deal with illegals. In many parts of the country, that means hiring ADDITIONAL staff that can speak Spanish and handle the increased case loads created by the illegals.

Allowing illegal workers into the U.S. injects a source of cheap labor into an already crowded labor pool and provides economic incentives to businesses that would otherwise be forced to adher to U.S. law and hire Americans.

There is no way Illegal workers can work for less and be more self-sufficient than the lower income workers they replaced.

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3 comments on Illegal Alien Workers Cost Americans Money : Part 3

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By Annonymous on May 22, 2007 at 11:31 pm I think you should read that.
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By Annonymous on May 23, 2007 at 09:16 am
I am not sure why anyone would recommend the above site unless it was the site owner.The web page in question is a profanity laced testament to the stupidity and ignorance of those who have no clue how decisions are made. Obviously, the web site owner has never been invited to the meetings where these matters are discussed and ultimately acted on. I have been in these meetings. At no point in time was the ability of any worker ever discussed. Labor is a commodity and unskilled and semi-skilled workers are easily replaced. It's a simple cost cutting measure. Try reading the article.... it tells you WHY companies are hiring illegals.
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By Annonymous on May 23, 2007 at 11:52 pm
You've convinced me. Let's round them up and break their fingers so they can't take our jobs and ruin our fine country.
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