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Part 2- Myth: Illegal Mexican Workers are law-abiding

Part two of a three part series on illegal immigrant workers will examine the myth that Illegal Mexican workers are basically law-abiding and just looking for a better life.

It is counterintuitive to assume that someone can sneak into the country, obtain a fake Social Security card and/or counterfeit birth certificate, obtain a driver license, falsify employment applications to illegally obtain work in the United States and then become a model citizen. In fact, these illegals become the unwitting pawns in a host of illegal activities that are only possible because they are illegally here in the first place.

The presence of illegal Mexican workers enables businesses to "pay under the table" and compromises tax collection, social security, workmen's compensation, puts OSHA safety programs in jeopardy and can lead to environmental damage through improper disposal of chemicals. In short, illegal Mexican workers are not law abiding and through their presence and lack of status, enable others to circumvent U.S. law. You simply are not law abiding if you are facilitating the breaking of U.S. laws.

Illegal aliens enter the United States illegally and in blatant disregard of the laws of the country. The United States has a "RIGHT" to protect it's citizens by ensuring that individuals seeking to enter the U. S. pose no health risk, do not have criminal records, and can be constructive and contributing members of U.S. society. Yes, the U.S. is a nation of immigrants, Legal immigrants that have come to the U.S. and agreed to abide by the laws and customs of this country.

The U.S. has a rich history of social change wrought by an ever-evolving legislative and legal process. A person may not be a fan of Social Security, child labor laws, overtime laws, OSHA, the EPA, civil rights, or unionization but all these things are now a part of the American Employment process designed to protect the U.S. worker. If a young lady is sexually harassed on the job, there are avenues open to her to seek redress. An individual may not be discriminated against due to race, color or creed. OSHA provides regulations designed to protect workers. Overtime and minimum wage laws limit worker exploitation at the hands of unscrupulous employers.

None of these laws work if the workers are unable or unwilling to report abuses. Illegals cannot report these abuses and many are not being paid minimum wage or overtime payments. Simply stated: illegal workers render null and void all employment laws on the books because the laws depend on a workforce free to report the employer. Employers now have this huge resource of illegal labor that cannot complain, quit, or exercise the rights provided by U.S. law.

Treatment rendered illegal by U.S. law now goes unreported. As a consequence, U.S. employers actually seek out illegals as they can be exploited. This makes it very difficult for American employees as they are now viewed as "problems" merely because they can exercise their legal rights.

- An illegal Mexican drywall crew use a scaffolding system constructed of upturned drywall "mud" buckets and pieces of two by eight lumber.
- An illegal Mexican worker was caught pouring used oil from lawn equipment into a storm sewer.
- Illegal Mexican painters routinely dispose of cleaning chemicals simply by throwing them in dumpsters located around their work site.
- An illegal Mexican owned company fired one worker who "wasn't working hard enough". The worker received no pay even though he had been on the job eight hours when fired.
- An illegal Mexcian workers was killed when he compromised the OSHA mandated safety override on a piece of equipment he was operating. The machine pulled him in and he was killed.

Sub-contracting as mentioned in part 1 is just another example of how illegal immigrants are compromising employment law in the U.S. The loss of tax revenues and payments to program like Social Security are not completely known. At one point, it was believed that the Social Security Administration was purposely not validating social security numbers due to the large amount of revenue being generated by workers that would never be able to make a claim.

Illegals break the law. If one accepts that there are 12 million Mexicans illegally in the U.S., they make up about 5% of the U.S. population while accounting for 17% of the federal prison population. Contemporaneous reports at the state and local level indicate a far worse situation but states have fastidiously avoided releasing incarceration rates of illegals. What is known: in areas where large numbers of illegal Mexican live, crime rates are high.

Legal Immigrants are required to seek education on U.S. Laws and customs. Illegals do not receive this education resulting in activities that are illegal in the U.S. that may not have been illegal in Mexico. There is a cultural difference and it transcends the law in many cases.

And lastly, nearly everyone in law enforcement mentions the crimes committed against these illegals that go unreported, simply because the illegals are afraid to report the crimes. Many of these crimes being committed by illegals to begin with. The illegal Mexicans form communities that are self-policing and not always in consonance with U.S. law.

One more disturbing trend reported in North Carolina. North Carolina has made it extremely easy for an illegal to get a driver's license. The last two questions a newly licensed driver is asked: Do you want to be an organ donor and do you want to register to vote?

In counties throughout North Carolina, the number of new voters with Mexican names is growing at an alarming rate. The Governor, Tom Easley has refused to investigate this and the State Board of Elections simply has no provision to check the status of new voters. Illegally registering to vote certainly falls way outside the realm of a person simply looking for a job and nullifies any argument that these people are law abiding.

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