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Frank Dixon: It's about the music!

by EagleNews (writer), , January 12, 2013

When we spotted thirteen year old Frank Dixon on YouTube, we we're stunned.

When we spotted thirteen year old Frank Dixon on YouTube, we we're stunned. At first we thought he was a good singer like many others on YouTube, but then we found out that he writes all his songs himself. That and the fact that he puts real emotions into these songs makes him much more than just another Justin Bieber copy. He is a true inspiration for other Teenagers!

Frank began writing songs at the age of nine and was first discovered when he published songs like "Moving On" and "Up and Away." In 2010 he was awarded the Junior Singer/Songwriter Prize at "Dream Inc" in Melbourne. His talent was noticed right away by David Jaanz (Jaanz School of Singing), who then became Frank's mentor and vocal coach. David coached many different artists including Anastasia during her 2002 Australia Tour. "Emotion Centred Singing is a globe phenomenon that works and creates stars and will continue creating stars. We will keep doing it year after year," David Jaanz said when he was asked about his methods.

A few months later Frank was scouted on YouTube by a Canadian talent scout and producer. The young singer is now traveling between Melbourne and Los Angeles, recording his own music and working together with Grammy Award winning producers like Devine Evans and Grammy nominated producer, Dre Knight. But if you think he's 'just' a good musician, think again, because Frank is also an actor, known for performances such as, "Waiting for Godot" , "13-A new musical, "The wizard of Oz" , "Charlie Brown-The musical" and many more.

Our first impression was similar to the one David Jaanz must have had, the night when he saw Frank performing for the first time. A truly talented boy with a lot of passion for his work. I can't speak for David, or any of Frank's advisors or producers, but his music is fascinating in many ways. It encourages you to try new things and to "Take a step into the dark."

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