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Book Publishing Report: Interview with Gary Grossman

Credit: Diversion Books
Executive Command

How do you get published? Gary Grossman gives us his story.

We’re talking today to Gary Grossman, author of Executive Command. Executive Command is published by Diversion Books.

Congratulations on your new book! Before we ask how you did it, can you tell us a little about your book?

“Executive Command” is a political thriller that jumps out of what easily could be tomorrow’s news. America’s water supplies are targeted by terrorists. Water, is in fact, our most vulnerable natural resource. And yet there are few security measures that protect it on a national, local or even household level. Against this scenario, Secret Service agent Scott Roarke pursues a deadly assassin bent on a personal vendetta, an international terrorist creates seismic civil unrest in America, and President Morgan Taylor works to hold the nation together.

Can you tell us who your publisher is and why you went with them?

“Executive Command,” and my other eBook thrillers are published by Diversion Books in New York. Diversion Books was created by agent Scott Waxman to bring the best fiction and non-fiction eBooks to the market. It is a “fast-forward” thinking new media publishing house and I’m thrilled to be working with Diversion Books. You can check them out at

Were they your original choice?

I moved from traditional print to the world of eBooks. In another sense, I decided to be on the train, rather than under it. Diversion Books was definitely my original choice.

Did you go through an agent?

I was introduced to Scott Waxman at Diversion Books through a friend and mentor in publishing, Roger Cooper, formerly with Perseus Book Group in New York . Roger recognized that I would be a terrific match with Diversion Books for the eBook releases of “Executive Actions,” the sequel “Executive Treason,” and now “Executive Command.”

What are the perks of going with a traditional publisher? And did you ever consider self-publishing and why or why not?

My non-fiction and fiction have been released through traditional print publishers in the past. Now, the new tradition for me is eBooks. However, I clearly decided not to self-publish. I wanted the support and gravitas of a publishing house, with their editorial, design and marketing departments all working in collaboration with me on the writing, editing and distribution.

What do you believe is the biggest obstacle authors face when searching for a traditional publisher?

As in television, publishing is changing at light speed. The industry – and the consumer – are migrating to tablets and downloads from books and visits to brick and mortar stores. For that reason, fewer books are actually being printed. Fitting into a traditional print publisher’s catalog is becoming harder and harder. Finding shelf space is virtually impossible. I’m thrilled to be in new media with stories that are about today and challenging political questions about tomorrow. And my “political reality thrillers” are only a click away on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other portals and through It’s that easy.

What does your publisher do in terms of publicizing your book?

I work directly with the editorial and marketing departments at Diversion Books on promotion. The management team is constantly coming up with ideas and opening new doors. However, my day job as a TV producer and writer gives me the benefit of a rolodex (can I still use that term?) full of press and media contacts, from radio to television and print. Accordingly, I do a great deal of outreach myself. Moreover, I’ve produced a book trailer that is an exciting way to engage readers and fans and I love working with wonderful book bloggers like BrooWaha to reach old and new readers alike. To quote P.T. Barnum, “Without publicity, something terrible happens. Nothing.” I’ll paraphrase that for today in an important way, reinforcing the work of BrooWaha, “Without social media promotion, something terrible happens. Nothing.” Also, I created a character website associated with a talk radio host in “Executive Treason,” the previous release. That’s worth checking out at or It’s a fun way to activate more interest and involvement in creative ways.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge authors face in promoting their books?

The biggest challenge authors face promoting their books comes right down to a simple realization. If you think you’re finished when the book is completed, you’re mistaken. You must promote. You must market. You must get the word out, interact with readers, and find opportunity to talk about your work. Not everyone has the wherewithal or the ability to do part or all of that. So it takes practicing and coaching and yes, time and money. But social media provides highly accessible portals and no travel. So begin with Facebook and LinkedIn, work with Book Blog Tour producers and do something every single day to get promote your work.

Are you active in the social networks and which is your favorite?

Yes, again, Facebook, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, Pinterest, GoodReads and others. I’m constantly looking for new portals. Any thoughts? I’m open.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

Be patient and spend as much time re-writing as writing. Check, double-check and triple check. And just because someone else has looked at your material doesn’t mean those corrections are correct. Believe me, I learned that the hard way. Your name is on it. You’ll share the glory or suffer the embarrassment. So spend the time working to make it right. I’m still doing that. Oh, and be available for your readers. I am and I encourage people to log onto or write me at

Thanks so much.


About the Author:

Gary Grossman is an Emmy Award-winning network television producer, a print and television journalist, a novelist and a film and TV historian. His career has included stints producing for NBC News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and 36 cable networks. He is author of three celebrated International “political reality thrillers,” EXECUTIVE COMMAND, EXECUTIVE ACTIONS and EXECUTIVE TREASON and two acclaimed non-fiction books covering pop culture and television history – Superman: Serial to Cereal and Saturday Morning TV.

Grossman has been partnered with Robb Weller in Los Angeles-based Weller/Grossman Productions, a prolific television production company. Together, they produced more than 9,000 programs and earned numerous awards including the prestigious Governor’s Emmy Award for their USA Network special, “Healing the Hate,” and an Emmy for Best Informational series with the production of “Wolfgang Puck” for Food Network. Their documentary “Beyond the Da Vinci Code” (History Channel) earned two national Emmy nominations. In all, Grossman has received 14 Emmy nominations.

In addition, Gary Grossman is now a principal in World Media Strategies, a new International branded entertainment marketing content company with offices in Los Angeles and Miami. WMS produces television specials and series for travel destinations, corporate clients and government entities.

Grossman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Emerson College in Boston and a Master’s Degree in Urban Affairs from Boston University.

He began his broadcasting career as a rock disc jockey at WHUC, in Hudson, New York. He worked at Boston television station, WBZ; joined The Boston Globe as a special contributor, and then became the television critic and media columnist at The Boston Herald American. His freelance articles have appeared in The New York Times and numerous magazines. He taught journalism and media at Emerson College, Boston University, and USC and guest lectured at colleges and universities across the country.

Grossman helped formulate, program and launch television cable networks including HGTV, Fit TV, National Geographic Channel, and The Africa Channel.

Grossman serves on the Emerson College Board of Trustees and chairs the Academic Affairs Committee.

He is also a member of the Boston University Metropolitan College Advisory Board. For was chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Caucus for Television Producers, Directors & Writers, a Hollywood-based media activist group and a member of The International Thriller Writers Association.

His latest book is the political thriller, Executive Command.

Visit Gary on the web at


About the Book:

The clock is ticking down to an attack on America’s most vulnerable natural resource: Water.

Our nation’s water resources are high on terrorist target lists, but low on America’s consciousness. Water sources are largely unprotected, providing open access to any enemy with chemicals and biotoxins.

So far we’ve been lucky. But that luck won’t last.

This is the all-too-real-and-present danger facing President Morgan Taylor and Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke as they desperately try to prevent hell-bent terrorists from destroying America and its infrastructure city by city, and state by state.

Fact-based in frightening detail, Executive Command is a political thriller that will leave you pondering its strong possibility the next time you pour a glass of water.

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