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Salvation 3. Don't model your life on history. riginal

by riginal (writer), moe australia, January 12, 2013

Song sung blue everybody knows one. What you lose on life's slides you gain on the upswings.


It is 10 years after a dismissed rape charge is thrown out of court by an angry female judge due to lack of evidence. The victim, 25 year old Mary,now an internationally recognized tall dark slender model- 'discovered' in a gold mining town in outback Australia by an American tourist talent scout-returns home from New York to attend her widowed mother's funeral.The town is booming on the back of new mining expansion.Two large hotels,made roads,'cash to thrash' miners embracing the end 'reward' of their unrelenting gouging of the nearby landscape and protesting vegetation. It is the short wet season. The nearby gorge fills and flows once again under the massive bridge.Relatives sit talking quietly with Mary in the hotel.The wind driven rain lashes the grateful countryside,then seems to abate sympathetically.

"It was nice, really nice done funeral love.Your mumma was so proud of you goin' to America." Mary's elderly aunt placed a tentative wrinkled gnarled hand on Mary's shoulder, as if pressing too hard would cause her added pain.Mary nodded embraced her aunt.She started to tremble, regained her 'trained'composure."Thanks" Mary stood up abruptly,straightened,grabbed her expensive designer bag."be,be back in a moment.Please everybody,order what you like's paid for." Appreciative embarrased murmurs. The slender stunner walked a 'seasoned' model's walk to the lift. Admiring glances. Inside the lift she leaned on the reflecting panel,scrabbled for a soaked hanky.Her mobile rang as she entered her room."Olga,yes it went fine...i'm fine i'm okay,no i won't...i won't, bye." Mary's Russian model friend in New York turned to her boyfriend. "I should have gone with her Steve...I warned her." Steve shrugged,poured a drink."She's tough Olga." Mary sniffed, inhaled deeply.Replaced the tiny bag. Licked the remainder off her manicured finger tip.Involuntarily gripped the gold-plated tap with one hand.Steadied.Make-up re-touched.Exhaled.Grimaced.

"Don't think that girl ever got over what happened near the bridge...bloody animal..." Joe's voice trailed off as the young beauty stepped out of the lift and walked to the bar. "She done real well Joe she done real well" Jilly nudged her husband. "You be alright lovey?" "Sure Jilly i'm fine." Mary waved goodbye. The celebration and commiserations were over. It started raining. Mary sat alone at the bar. The barman wiped an already clean spot, lit her cigarette. "Things changed a bit here Mary.Sorry about your mother." "Yeah...thanks, i'm sorry too. Some things change some things don't. Some things wronged...some things groped..." The startled barman gripped her unsteady hand,"you okay Mary? can i get you a coffee?" "Have you got a raincoat?" "Sure Mary." "And a bottle of your very best champers,none of that cheap shit." The puzzled barman handed her the raincoat and the bottle of champagne. "Don't you think you..." She shrugged into the oversize clammy raincoat,shoved the bottle in the large pocket. "Don't you think you Mr. barman should mind your own bloody business?"Mary walked out into the night-a nearly deserted street- several cars drove past churning up spray. She checked something in her bag.The barman shrugged,kept cleaning,had a job to attend to. "Bloody hi-strung models."

The bridge in the distance was framed in mist. She kicked her shoes off and started walking towards it,a four wheel drive skidded alongside the tipsy woman. "Want a lift lady?" The two men laughed." Mary reached inside her bag slowly and pulled out a small calibre pistol and pointed it point blank."Want your bitchin' heads blown off whiteys?" The passenger looked straight ahead, muttered,"get outta here man...she's nuts!" It revved, skidded off.From the end of the bridge Mary could make out a large shape through the mist.She swore. As she staggered closer she could see it was a hooded man dressed in an enormous overcoat with a grotesque looking hump.She stopped twenty feet away.The stranger stared straight ahead. She reached inside her bag and pulled out the pistol. "Piss off whitey!" "You piss off I was here first!" She reached in with her free hand,pulled out the small bag opened it-sniffed . "Would you like me to hold that pistol while you shoot up yourself?...or should i say shoot yourself up?" The hooded figure laughed sarcastically.

Mary:"I'm gonna jump whitey so get.I'll shoot you where you stand!" Stranger:"Me too, you get. If that pea-shooter was loaded you would have shot yourself already.(grabs gun,it clicks).

Mary: (screams) "I want to die NOW!"

Stranger: "Well then why don't we jump together? Aint got the guts? tired of life? You're've had a bad time...aint we all?"

Mary: You whiteys are all the same. I buried the only thing i loved today. What's your problem anyway hump back?"

Stranger:" You guessed it.This freakin' hump back, the pain, it's killing me. Can't operate...tried that crap you're on."

Mary:(pulls out bottle) "Let's drink to the combined pain then and end it together." (swigs on bottle, proffers it).

Stranger:(swigs heavily throws bottle to 30 mtre drop) "okay, OKAY! let's hold hands (grips Mary's hand) are youi ready (she nods) WAIT!"

The stranger helps her up on to the wide ledge of the guardrail.. He wraps the leather belt from his overcoat around them. Clips it tight."Just in case you try to wimp out."

Stranger:(kisses her) "Let's DIE THEN MARY...F...K THE WORLD AND ALL ITS PAIN!"

LOCAL HOSPITAL: Mary wakes up. "I'm dead." (doctor shakes head).

Stranger: CONSTABLE J MADDIN, known as copper 'madman'. (laughs takes her hand) "Would have been lady if i hadn't clipped you onto my harness.You came along just as I was going to do my once a month bungy jump practice. I reckon God was watching over you,i normally don't jump that late, you must be something special. Bungy jumping angel perhaps...?"

SIX MONTHS LATER: A plane lands at an airport. Olga and Steve stand waiting. Mary waves runs to her friends, runs back grabs her amused husband."Olga,Steve...I want you to meet my madman husband.He just swung by one night.He's only the second most loved thing in my life. Let's go get a a bottle..." MORAL: Swing with the right people,they're out there...

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