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by Rahul (writer), Manama, December 27, 2012

For months I have wanting to write about the immoral exploitation of women and children all around the country, and now the latest brutality that happened in Delhi has urged me to do it now.

Few days back my love called me, she was furious on the phone about something; she kept on cursing nonspecifically and was indefinitely shouting at me. I have never seen her like this before, so as I wondered why she was acting such, suddenly everything went silent on the other side and all that hate in her voice turned into puling. She was weeping hard now, I normally feel sad when I see someone crying and when that someone is very close to me, my eyes will wet unwittingly. With a concerned voice I asked her what happened and she told me about a mail that came to her inbox that same day which told the full story of the brutal Delhi assault. She was depressed and miserable; she couldn’t even believe how men could go to such extreme for sexual pleasure. She got more furious and started suggesting how those men responsible should be sentenced to painful death, I listened silently not able to utter a single word to calm her down. I could have but I just didn’t because a women treated gravely anywhere in the world were, are and will be a shame for all men alike.

For months I have wanting to write about the immoral exploitation of women and children all around the country, and now the latest brutality that happened in Delhi has urged me to do it now. The news channels and news papers see only a sensation in this issue because this is not the first one that they have reported nor is the most brutal. All the protests and slogans will die down once the frustration of the gathering mass settles and all will go back to their normal lives but the truth will remain that these kinds of atrocious acts will happen again and again in this country. It’s not only adult women that are falling victims of these inhuman acts, even under aged children (male and female) are widely assaulted all over the country by the men with whom they should have felt most secure, yes it is their own fathers and school teachers that are being the living devils. Many such cases reported recently in my home state and many more that had happened earlier there makes me wonder whether we men are really civilized.

Protesting only at the time of such a felony or giving capital punishment or chemical castration to the felons won’t do much good in preventing all these from happening in the future and nor going to reduce its numbers because frightening tactics always produces inverse or no results. An instinctive judgment of the situations or majority opinion of a frustrated public will only make things worse, so we should come up with something that can make a real difference. Implementing more police force and fast track courts will only make an initial fuss as the criminals will go to new extremes to commit crime. So instead of cutting the tree after it leans over the house, It shouldn’t be allowed to grow in that manner from the beginning itself. At present we are depending on science to find solution for most or all of our problems then why aren’t we depending on it for controlling the spread of such a savage mental disorder (I call it a mental disorder because I couldn’t understand how a sane man could act such) even at a time when physiology and psychiatry are so advanced. First a systematic scientific study should be started from the lower level itself to find the reason for the increase in number of these mentalities among men; whether it is the general parenting style, social structure, educational system or all of it in equal share, whatever it is it had to be clearly sorted out. After understanding the problems periodic changes should be implemented to the governing system of the nation, judicial system and the way of life of its citizens because modifying the existing system will not bring any change as it hasn’t done any better after so many years of practice. If culture, religion, belief and heritage can’t provide us a happy secure life, then the time has come to change them all.

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By Barbara MacDonald on December 30, 2012 at 01:26 pm

Let us pray that this young lady has not died in vain...May this be the motivation for change which is surely needed...I pray for her family and friends...:-(

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