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Blogging for Smarties by Yvonne Wu

by Yvonne Wu (writer), , December 25, 2012

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Yvonne Wu author of the Blogging for Smarties talks about the inspiration behind writing her book about Authors and Speakers who are creating their first website or are new to blogging.

Since the mid 1990s, the Internet has been a powerful way to advertise your products or services to a global market.The Internet is often the first place that people turn to for information about anything and anyone. Company addresses, information about a person, and reviews about a product are viewed before the visitor decides to purchase.

Authors are looking for tools that teach them how to get create a presence on the internet.I started blogging using Wordpress in 2008. I noticed at that time there was not a lot of material for beginners who are new to the internet and may feel overwhelmed. I became excited to find out that visitors as far away as Russia were reading my blog. As well, I started to receive comments from as far away as France. I was excited that these readers have found my blog. This inspired me to continue blogging and provide blogging services to Authors.

One big tip that I can recommend to a new Author who are setting up a blog is before designing your website (or before you approach a web designer), identify your target market so you can create a website that will attract your intended audience. Make sure your content is informational and entertaining for this audience.

But it really comes down to, you know, do you have content that people want?

Blogging for Smarties Blogging for Authors and Speakers walks the reader through three distinct phases of creating a website.
Phase 1: How to set up your blog;
Phase 2: Once your blog is set up, how to use your blog and add content;
Phase 3: How to market your blog.

As an Author and Speaker, the Internet becomes a business channel to network, advertise your products and services, and build a following on a global level. Not only is the “How” explained but most importantly the “ Why”. My book provides direction on how to achieve these goals.

The prevalence of social networking has helped blogging. Blogging provides the opportunity for content to be updated in a really timely fashion and for people to actually engage in a more conversational way. Social networking allows this content to go viral. To be shared. So your content is not only being shared with your followers but their followers also.

You can find out more about Blogging for Smarties at my website
The book is also available at, Kindle and other retailers.

About the Writer

Yvonne Wu, president of The YP Publishing, provides services tailored to professional speakers and authors, helping them achieve a greater online presence. Yvonne helps clients reach their potential in their business. Yvonne has assisted authors with a wide variety of projects across North America, helping them with publishing and promoting their book. Yvonne has been a guest blogger and has been interviewed on various sites that discuss other aspects of the publishing industry.Yvonne is a member of The Independent Book Publishers Association, she was a 2013 Global eBook Award Judge, 2013 WebAward judge and in 2010 she was the Editor of The Writers and Editors Network. Yvonne is a writer and an award-winning author.
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