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Divinity in Your Sexuality

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 14, 2012

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All that you offer in charismatic spell of nature is so fulfilling. So, give yourself up to the nature, to find that divinity in your sexuality

In the universal truth of creation, sexuality has its own place. It matters, how it is looked upon. The loud cacophony of marooned expletives, on sexuality; constantly deletes my interest, to be a keen audience and I refuse to lend, my auditory senses. Permit me to say that, I have always enlivened sexuality wrapped in mysticism. All that is concealed is not revealed, if magic of sensuality fails to elicit the attention, instinctively. All that is revealed, if not in consonance with magical sensitivity of attention, and then in that case too, the rhetoric of sexual postures would leave no impact.

Sexuality is not a derivative of surrogate thoughts of desire; by which, many wishes to consummate body, rather than soul. An instinctive passion, to behold sensuality of sex, is like carving a sequence of dreams, with all delicacy. In a flawless mode of erotic sensuality, the riotous poetry of delicate moment carves a sacred sensuality.

In the droned repetition of sexual desires, one gets totally deranged and that’s how the magic of sexuality and sensuality loses its sheen. Sexuality is not hegemony of desire. Your sexuality is the magic of your existence, which beholds reasons to smile and embrace the moments of love with utmost intensity and sincerity.

The curvaceous beauty and voluptuous pageantry can be a visual delight, to create a cosmetic spell of glamour, in fashion industries and show biz. However, the raw sensuality with magical prowess gathers substantial ingredients from the nature. To claim, my point of view, I need to create a magical spell of nature

Let me pick up one of the sultry day to explain:

In the blistering heat of scorching summer, he begs for rain. He looks at her and finds the rolling beads of sweat, making way down the neck, to her heaving chest... The cloud roars, he smiles and so as she. They sense the mood and he shuffles, instinctively in receptive aura to converse but before, he could say something, it started pouring...Do they have to run for a shelter? No, surprisingly they refused and surrender to the orchestral charm of nature. They let the natural aura embrace their soul and that’s how the sexuality gained the divinity.

All that you offer in charismatic spell of nature is so fulfilling. So, give yourself up to the nature, to find that divinity in your sexuality

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By Barbara MacDonald on December 14, 2012 at 05:48 pm

What a beautiful honest reflection of your honest sensuality and passion Uttam...the song and video are a perfect match to your thoughts and words...I so agree that true passion is given to us by instinct and nature moves us...a god given gift. Never lose this is divine.

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By HomeRearedChef on December 15, 2012 at 02:32 am

Wow! Uttam, this is so beautiful and so poetic. And the video was a pleasure to watch and listen to. I absolutely LOVE Evanescence!! Thank you for a a most wonderful and pleasurable read. :)

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