Friday, July 20, 2018

When Harry Could've Met Paris

The British army has decided not to send Prince Harry to the Iraqi war after all; specific threats against him by terrorists in Iraq were deemed to put the prince and his fellow soldiers at undue risk of harm.

Paris Hilton should hire Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt as her lead counsel in her effort to avoid being sent to a Los Angeles jail. He pulled the rug on Harry's trip to Baghdad.

The editor of Sky News described Dannatt's reasoning as fears that Prince Harry would be a "magnet for jihadists". As if Paris would not be a magnet for some holy hell of her own inside that jail. And, collateral damage? Think of all the fashion designers who will suffer.

Some commonalities between Prince Harry and Paris Hilton:
Both were born with silver spoons. Both can attribute their fabulous looks to their mothers. Both like to party. He is third in line to the British throne; she'll be third in line to the stainless steel one.

The two have actually crossed paths. Last year, Paris Hilton personally wrote an invitation to Prince Harry to attend her 24th birthday party bash. Even though her father, the hotel magnate, reportedly offered Prince Harry a free lifetime pass to any Hilton, he skirted the pass to Paris by saying that he would have to ask his father's permission. He didn't make the party.

Personally, I believe that precedent saved Harry's skin from the Green Zone. No one wants to see a British prince in danger of life and limb, and I figure Harry owes Paris at least some acknowledgement of thanks. I am sure that royal pardons are not persuasive legal authority in the courts of Los Angeles County, but a personal appearance at her court date by the prince may just be the get out of jail free card Paris Hilton has been looking for.

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