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Finding The Confidence to 'Suit Yourself'

by KLiedle (writer), Los Angeles, May 15, 2007


Do a bit of traveling, and you’ll be amazed at the spectrum of shapes and sizes that you’ll find at the beach. I’ve seen topless bikini bathers in France, hairy Mediterranean men in neon-colored Speedos, full-figured women sprawled out like cats in the sun living La Dolce Vita in Naples. In Puerto Rico, I saw the strangest collection of people I’d ever seen – including a male beachgoer with serious man-breasts and a funny-looking older guy with wishbone-like toothpick legs happily jogging alongside the beach.

Then, there’s the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode in which Larry David is horrified to see his therapist at the beach wearing a teeny-tiny, spandex THONG. His therapist is obviously having fun in the sun, while Larry is the one who’s self-conscious and attempts to hide.

What do these people have that the rest of us (Larry David included) are lacking?
Body confidence.

Joey Dowdy, a dance-fitness instructor and founder of Joey’s World Dance Groove Fitness, believes that body confidence is such an important goal that he incorporates the concept into his classes and he even gave it a name. Bodytude TM is what Joey conceived to describe the personal body-mind- spirit connection that we all have the potential to have when we look inside of ourselves. Incorporating all of these elements is, by far, the best way to life-long well-being.

As summer approaches, it’s not about having the perfect body. In all reality, it doesn’t exist. Instead of focusing on yourself, look around and notice that everyone has body imperfections. As Joey likes to say, “Away with depression and hello to progression!” When you get right down to it, summer is full of butt dimples, cellulite, farmer’s tans, unsupported cleavage, and fashionista faux pas that would make Anna Wintour’s face dissolve into a waterfall of tears.

If you’re holding off on your fun in the sun until you reach your goal weight – STOP right now! Summer is about sunshine, water sports, sandcastles, and consuming all the umbrella-laden frilly drinks you can stand. With all that summer has to offer, now is the time to embrace yourself with a positive mental attitude and envelope yourself in the best swimsuit for your current body. That’s right. I did sayFin swimsuit, darling. You do have one?

If the answer’s ‘No’, it’s time to dig out your personal Bodytude TM and have the courage to go swimsuit-shopping. Remember that everyone has body imperfections, but on the flip side, we’ve all got assets, too! Maybe you’re the woman who’s got a few extra pounds come summer, but you’ve got heavenly cleavage that the Twiggy on the next beach towel would die for. Maybe you’ve got a slender waist, but wide hips or a secret patch of cellulite that you’d never admit to anyone! Ready to risk it? Let’s go, girl.

Number one: Resist the urge to cover everything up. Instead, accentuate the best of YOU! Cheri Jacobs, manager of Canyon Beachwear in Pasadena, CA brings a knowing eye to helping customers find the best design, cut and color in a swimsuit, one that they’re going to love to wear. She loves when clients find suits that they’re excited about, but she’s always honest about what looks best on them.

Cheri also says that “although showing some skin can be traumatic, it’s not always best to cover up! If you cover up, you’re actually drawing attention to yourself saying, ‘I’ve got something to hide!’” Revealing just enough to keep things interesting while still feeling comfortable and confident is easier than you might think.

HOW TO SUIT YOURSELF- while showing a little BodyTude:

1. Purchase a suit that fits your body. This may seem obvious, but many people try to force their body to fit a swimsuit when it should be the other way around. (Tight fabric and a smaller size than you need only results in bulges.)

2. Find a style that is sexy, but provides adequate support in all areas.

3. Understand your body type and find a style and cut that fits. Do research on the internet ( iVillage has some great tips for specific body types and sizes) or consult with a professional at a swimwear retailer like Canyon Beachwear that specializes in personal service.

4. Remember that natural light on the beach and outdoors is much more forgiving than the fluorescent lighting in the dressing room.

5. Be honest with yourself, kind to your body, and above all, have fun!

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By Charles Harmison on May 15, 2007 at 09:08 pm
I was wondering why it was so empty at the beach last week. Great article.
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