Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Broo Sprawling in the U.S. (and Global Warming)


Dear beloved readers,

The Broo has started its sprawl in the U.S. Your favorite citizen newspaper is now present in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and freshly in Atlanta, Houston, and Miami.

As a member of the BrooWaha community, you are invited to comment, vote, and message users in any of these BrooWaha editions. You may however only publish articles in the edition you are registered in. You are highly encouraged to seek out your friends in these communities and make them join BrooWaha, as well as make new friends via the friend function!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a bunch of new features we have added to BrooWaha in the last couple of months:

Enhanced formatting options:
Contributors can now link articles, cite other sources, and use bullet points. Certain features are only available to contributors with a popularity higher than 500.

Embedded YouTube videos:
One of the features only available to these contributors is the ability to embed YouTube videos in your articles, like this:

Comment rating:
In addition to rating articles, you can now also rate comments. Please make sure you vote down offensive or unconstructive comments, and inversely, that you reward good comments with pluses! Comments that have been voted down by the majority of the BrooWaha community will be hidden by default.
The comment rating feature also impacts users' popularity. You can increase your popularity by writing constructive comments on articles when you need a little boost!

Better media support:
Some of you have been complaining for a while about a bug where images were distorted and uploaded images were only showing up after a manual reload of the page. These bugs are now fixed, and we have added an "Enlarge Photo" feature on each article, so thank you for your patience!

Improved profile view:
Fresh out of the BrooWaha factory is the new Profile Page with more information about our authors, including the total number of pageviews on their articles, the most read and best rated ones, and even the ability to see all of the author's friends!

Wikipedia page:
Last but not least, we are proud to announce that BrooWaha now has its own page on Wikipedia . It's small as of now but we will make sure to improve it over time!

And now, a warm thank you to all of you who have been staunch BrooWaha supporters since the early days, and welcome to all the newcomers!

As usual, please spread The Broo around you and tell all your friends about the new editions!!

BrooWaha Los Angeles
BrooWaha New York
BrooWaha San Francisco
BrooWaha Atlanta
BrooWaha Houston
BrooWaha Miami

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