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The Valley---Part 5 & 6 of 6

by gt281 (writer), State of Denial, November 23, 2012

Captain Rienoon long ago gave up any thoughts of being rescued...

Captain Rienoon long ago gave up any thoughts of being rescued, then one evening he called for Joe to join him and view the night sky. Captain Rienoon had finally come to the answer he had been questioning himself about for many weeks.

“Joe, thanks for coming. Joe, you know I don’t know what I would have done had I not met you, your company has kept me going through the years, and I must say that I will always think of you as a friend and I have nothing but kind thoughts of you.”

“Yes, I am here, I like to be with you, it has been good. You have shown me a lot and taught be so much more that before.”

“Joe…you see this?”

Captain Rienoon holds a small silver tube in his hand, it’s only about one inch long and about a one-half inch wide.

“I’ve had this ever since I’ve been a pilot, every pilot gets one, just in case. Inside this tube is a small capsule, the other pilots always called it the Heaven capsule, it’s for the last act of ones life, the final action. In Earth years I’m still a fairly young man, I must be about 34-35 years old now, I’ve lost track of the years. And I could maybe go on here for another 10-20 years, here with you, if nothing bad happened, if I didn’t hurt myself. But Joe, tonight is going to be my last night with you, I can’t go on anymore. I need more than just the sunrise and the sunset, I’ve done all I can here. There really is no point for me to continue. No one is coming for me, I will never leave this place or see Earth again. Joe, I must tell you that you are one of the finest beings I’ve ever met. I’m glad, so glad we had this time together. But tonight, under these beautiful stars and with you here, I’m going to take my Heaven’s capsule, and sleep forever. Thanks Joe and goodbye.”

Captain Rienoon opens the silver tube and places the small glass vial in his mouth. It was a painless death, so far from home.

“I am here, goodbye Bruss, I am here.”

Joe stared at his friend just laying motionless in the rocks, and then Joe crawled up onto the lap of Captain Rienoon and there he stayed. Never moving, never doubting. There Joe stayed until his final day also came to him…………………

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