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The Politics of Defeat and Deceit

by Amo (writer), New York, May 12, 2007

It seems that we're once again at a pivotal point in our history, and this time I fear that we'll finally throw the baby out with the bath water, as "the politics of defeat and deceit" has finally become mainstream, an analogy that many in this country would perhaps disagree with, and yet most have either forgotten the lessons of 9/11 or worse yet need to be reminded by another unthinkable act, that we're in a world wide conflict for our very survival.

One can argue with justification that we have not executed efficiently the war in Iraq, however to suggest that we went to war for personal or partisan reasons by this administration, is in effect denying the facts at the time, and rather then rehashing recent history, about UN sanctions and a unanimous vote by the congress to go to war, and of course the issue of WMD's, would be repeating the obvious and a waste of time.

Yet these same esteemed Senators who voted unanimously in congress, are now rewriting history to suit their own agenda. They've shamelessly suggested that this President lied to them, to get us into war, a serious and no doubt impeachable and perhaps even a criminal offense. One would think that it would be the duty of an elected official to bring whatever evidence they have, as quickly as possible, and yet none have been forthcoming, and I can only ask why?

The answer may lie with the President himself, he's become an easy target for a Congress who's only agenda now appears to simply obstruct his efforts in the Middle East and the mainstream media, who simply dislike him, and will imply almost anything to make him look bad. Certainly he's brought some of this animosity on himself, in his refusal to admit that mistakes were made in executing the war. However the purpose of going to war (in light of the intelligence reports at the time) was correct and it's by no sheer happenstance that since 9/11, we've not been attacked.

In Afghanistan the terrorists have been displaced, their base of operations have been disrupted, they cannot mount (so far) a large scale offense on our homeland, again this is not by sheer accident. Thanks in part to this President and his ability to quickly restructure our defenses; carnage has not revisited our shores, and yet his approval ratings are dismal, and again the question is why?

Persuasion is of course the other part of this equation, and this President sadly falls short, the art of persuasion eludes him. His press conferences seem labored and he has trouble articulating effectively his vision for the nation. His most effective tool the "bully pulpit" is sadly not being utilized, and his "good ol boy" casual style doesn't play well with the Washington elite, where style over substance always counts.

Contrast his approach to the media with that of President Ronald Regan, who upon taking office was immediately attacked by the left for being a cowboy, an actor, even reckless and disoriented, and yet President Reagan was able to easily tame the mainstream media and frame his own agenda, without distortion. Of course the media and the far left, never let up on President Reagan, and when he called Russia the "evil empire", the media was quick to respond, again calling him reckless.

Reagan knew how use to the media to his advantage, his training as an actor, his presence and easy manner combined with a sharp wit, usually disarmed an aggressive press, and whether one agrees with his polices or not, he was well liked, and even when they attacked him personally, he responded with grace and good humor, however he always responded quickly and never allowed his enemies to define him--as this President has.

President Bush is the Commander and Chief and there are no others, and since 9/11, he's kept us out of harms way, and yet I'm fearful for our nation, when I see the United States Congress attaching a time limit for withdrawal to a funding bill for our troops and I'm astounded when I hear the Senate Majority Leader of the United States Congress, Senator Harry Reid declaring that "we've lost the war". I can't help but wonder what our allies must be thinking, worse yet how our enemies will respond to our surrender.

Of course "the war on terror" (which this Congress refuses to acknowledge) will still be a reality after we abandon Iraq and the only question then will be who'll fill the void? My guess would be that there'll be continued carnage and chaos of a civil war and that Iraq will eventually become a safe haven for terrorists who'll have immense influence within the region, not to mention the oil fields, and of course Iran with it's nuclear ambitions, and what scenario that might play within our own economy and security.

What troubles me is that while we as a nation forget the carnage of 9/11, those who've taken an oath "to protect and defend" are playing the politics of defeat and deceit. It doesn't take much foresight to realize that once we surrender to Iraq, once the terrorists claim victory, (as they surely will), and once the battle field changes from downtown Baghdad, Iraq to perhaps Main Street, U.S.A., we'll once again ask ourselves, how and why?

We seem to be a nation in denial, fickle, divided, and easily distracted, our elected leaders put into pearl our security as they debate immigration, and in so doing have made a mockery out of the laws, they swore under oath to uphold. As if open borders (post 9/11) should even be an issue. I would ask these same esteemed lawmakers, when they retire for the night do they secure their homes? Do they lock their doors? Do they activate their alarms, and when someone knocks do they not ask "who is it"? Why then is the security of our nation any less important, and why has it become so polarizing?

I'm the son of immigrants, a first generation American, and I would no more allow a relative of mine to come to this country without documentation, then I would a stranger, and yet we've turned a national security issue into a partisan left verses right diatribe. What good does it do to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in securing our airports, our harbors, our ports of entry and still have undocumented aliens simply stroll across our borders?

Incredibly, within the last few weeks in my own home state of New Jersey a terrorist plot by six Muslim extremists was foiled. Out of the six only one was a U.S. citizen and two were illegal aliens, who infiltrated through the same Southwest boarders that have now become the battle cry for the far left and political activists.

What astounds me, is that after 5 years since 9/11, this administration and congress are still wringing their hands and trying to figure out what to do about boarder security, and one can only wonder (within that time), how many more terrorist cells have strolled across our boarders and are now simply waiting for the right opportunity to strike, while a foolish, partisan and naive congress grandstands with our national security

I've always relied in part on history to gauge current events, and if I had to pick a time in recent history that closely mirrors our own, it would be the beginning of the 1930's, when a complacent and apathetic Europe looked the other way, as a tyrant methodically built his war machine, and the question must once more be asked -- have we become so complacent, so apathetic that we can no longer distinguish between partisan politics and what threatens our own well being and security? Do we once again need to be reminded by another unthinkable act? Will history once again repeat itself? I hope not.

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