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Welcome to BrooWaha Houston

by Houston (writer), Houston, May 11, 2007



Thanks a lot for joining BrooWaha Houston, your local newspaper.

As you may know, BrooWaha is a platform that lets you express yourself, and get rewarded for your work. This reward is expressed in terms of what we call Popularity points. You can see how many points you have by having a look at your profile. Your popularity is measured according to numerous factors including the ratings other readers give your articles, the number of people reading them, and how significant and regular your contribution to the newspaper is.

The more popular you are, the more weight you will be given in the organization of BrooWaha San Francisco. Your articles will be more likely to reach and remain in the headlines, the ratings you will give to other articles will have more impact.

As you've understood, the more popular you are the more exposure we will give you. This will also become more challenging: more people will read your work and will judge it. Your goal is to become popular, but also to remain popular.

Finally, we believe that BrooWaha is a great opportunity to improve your writing skills and receive feedback about your work. Please take a moment to rate the articles you read; it helps our algorithm know which articles you want or do not want to see in your newspaper. Also, please don't hesitate to take the opportunity to discuss the article with the comment feature you will find at the bottom of each article.

You are the first users of BrooWaha Houston, the fifth BrooWaha edition we are launching. BrooWaha Los Angeles was launched in early September 2006, already counts more than a hundred contributors and has been featured in the LA Times. BrooWaha New York was launched a couple of weeks ago, and a number of other cities are scheduled to join the BrooWaha network in the coming months.

Create your account and start using our writing interface today!

Please spread the word, make your friends sign up and vote for your articles; it will increase your popularity and your exposure in BrooWaha Houston.

Journalism needs to be rethought, thanks for joining the revolution.

- The Editor

BrooWaha Houston

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Houston is a writer for BrooWaha. For more information, visit the writer's website.
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