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The Clintons-Part One

Credit: Bill Clinton as Governor of Arkansas

This details part of the main theory of 'Life Cycles' and shows how it would apply in the case of Bill Clinton in his important 'Year of Revolution' when he was aged 36.

I watched a biography of Bill and Hilary Clinton last night on TV. I like biographies, because someone else has decided what emphasis to place on events, that could be considered as turning points in the subject's life. Imagine you had determined the centrality of just a small number of years from a person's life, as being like 'the ushering in of a new era' in their life, and here you are in front of the TV, or at the movies, and they start to talk about events in these exact years. I'll bet you'd sit up and start to pay more attention. Well that's what I do. I'm not some sort of 'know all' about my theory. I'm genuinely surprised each and every time I do this. Think of it as like laying a plastic template over a person's entire life and saying we'll start to look just there and nowhere else. The whole theory is only based on evidence. It's not really esoteric, or occult, or even metaphysical (although it does raise some metaphysical questions). Oh, and for good measure, it's never been done before and I have no idea why it works.

Let's start off with the original observation that got me going in the early days and that is :- for a lot of people (but not necessarily all) the age of 36 or what I term, the major mid-life 'Year of Revolution', represents the ushering in of an important new era of that person's life. I use the phrase that it's like a 'bursting on the scene' moment, provided that person has not already done so previously. So what was going on in Bill Clinton's life then? Well it could be argued, that in terms of his political career, he had already 'burst on the scene' a few years before, when he became the youngest Governor in the country at age 32. This was going to be his platform to build his political career, but it turned into just one term of two years, because he underestimated the electoral damage he did by more than doubling the motor vehicle tax, along with some other factors. He joked that he had become the youngest ex-Governor in the nation's history. He was actually devastated by the loss and the perception that he and Hilary were arrogant and did not listen to voters. He joined a local law firm and waited.

When the next election drew near, Hilary then took over the role of campaign manager and decided that the best strategy was to focus on just one main issue :- education reform. He was forced into a Democratic run-off and had just turned 36. He said:- " can't lead without listening." Would there have been much left of his political career if he had lost this election? We can only speculate, of course, but it would be safe to say :- "not much, if at all, would have been left." In the 1982 re-match with Gov. White, the voters gave him another chance, that was to result in an unbroken string of re-elections, all the way to the White House.

This is as good a textbook illustration of the application of 'Life Cycles' theory as you could wish to see. I'm not through, however, but I am going to serialize this, so you can read for yourself in small portions, just why 'Life Cycles' is 'The Truth' and 'The Evidence'. We'll take up next time when Clinton was 48 and I'll conduct our next workshop.

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Since 2009 I have devoted myself to not only writing 2 books on 'Life Cycles', but also maintaining 2 blogs and writing numerous other articles. This is to display the sheer breadth of evidence I have amassed. I have more books and more research planned, after all it isn't every day, you are privileged enough to have discovered the "missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life".
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By melanie jean juneau on November 14, 2012 at 07:10 pm

interesting and engaging even though I know very little about American politics

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