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The Valley...PArt 2 of 6

by gt281 (writer), State of Denial, November 06, 2012

Captain Rienoon, reaches into the cockpit and switches on the emergency beacon, then tries the radio…

“This is Ranger 5 do you read? Mayday…going down…”

“We read you Ranger 5, we have you on our scopes, hang in there.”

“Mayday Mayday this is Ranger 5…ejecting cockpit capsule…Mayday…”

Bam, bam, bam, swoosh, the cockpit capsule rockets skyward away from the MK47 fighter, the parachutes deploy within 5 seconds and the capsule floats to the tiny moon’s surface below, it’s still a hard landing on the rocky desert like surface, Captain Rienoon struggles with his harness and slams the ejector button for the cockpit canopy, its compressed gas bolts eject it away from the cockpit.

“Damn damn damn f**k, what a stupid rookie mistake, flyin’ through a debris field like that, sh*t.”

Captain Rienoon, reaches into the cockpit and switches on the emergency beacon, then tries the radio… “Mayday Mayday this is Ranger 5, do you read?...Mayday.”…. sssshhsss…

“Sh*t, I could be here for days, who knows how long before they can send a rescue team for me. Sh*t. Damn it, better make an inventory of what I have here…thank God these newer fighters come equipped with enough emergency supplies for two weeks, at least the designers thought of us pilots for once, instead of all their high-tech gear.”

Captain Rienoon, is a fit young man of 27 years, he has been a space jock for 6 years, married with a little girl back home on Earth. Its been a long time since he’s seen them in person. The halo-messengers make things easier for him and his family but it’s still not the same as being able to reach out and hold one another. He was promoted to group flight leader two years ago, and has been aboard the Stardevil for eighteen months now, he knows that the war against the Kachalot has not been going well lately, but he hasn’t given up hope yet.

Captain Rienoon, has unloaded what gear he could from the cockpit, the parachutes were retrieved and now make a tent like structure over the cockpit, giving him some shade from the sun. …(click) the sound of the ringdisk recorder that every downed pilot is required to use, to record the experiences of the crash and what they find, all for training others that may come after.

(click)… “DAY 1:…The cockpit looks to be in good shape, it was a little harder landing than I was anticipating but I came out of it ok. The mounting struts seem to be buried in the desert floor about four-five inches, no way to move it or get under the cockpit. I’ve unloaded most of the emergency supplies and fastened a crude tent structure over the cockpit using the parachutes to provide some shade, radio still seems to work, there’s static anyway. Can’t to tell if I’m transmitting, need the engineers to put a light on it for the next refits. The surrounding area appears to be mostly desert, no plants, or animals that I can see. In the distance I can see a low range of mountains to the south, there’s smoke rising in the west, maybe the remains of my fighter or of the Kachalot, airs breathable, I guess that’s obvious, at least I’m not dead yet from some micro-robe, temperature’s about 82 degrees, a little warm, could be worse. Removed flight suit, to make myself comfortable while I wait, not much to do here except to keep trying the radio and wait.”...(click)…

(click)…“It’s about 11:00 now, the temperature has dropped about 40 degrees, using my flight suit and thermal blankets to keep warm. I was awakened by the sound of a parachute against the cockpit, must have thought it was an animal or something. Stars very bright, I can see the movement of Starships over the horizon, hope their ours, falling wreckage making meteorite streaks over the northern sky. Tried radio again, no answer, just have to wait till tomorrow.”…(click)…

(click)… “DAY 2:… The morning was colder than I’d hoped it would be, have installed solar panels around cockpit to keep beacon and radio going. Note to engineers, provide longer cables for solar panels. Still no radio contact, will have to start rationing water if I don’t hear from anybody today. Note to who ever made the beef noodle space ‘D’s’, did you taste that crap? Your fired.”…(click)…

(click)… “DAY 5:…I’ve had to stay in the cockpit for the last two days due to high winds and dust storms, still no radio contact, started to ration food and water two days ago. Can’t stay here much longer, will try for mountains to the south tomorrow if I don’t hear from anybody. Need to find water and some type of food before rations give out, mountain area seems to be best option.”…(click)…

(click)… “DAY 9:…Have reached foothills of southern mountain range, dust storms on desert plain start suddenly and knocked me off my feet a number of times. Advise others just to sit and wait out dust storms as best you can. Foothills as expected, typical loose rock and boulders, no signs of plants or animal life, no visible stream beds or water erosion features. This could be a dead moon with no life or water on it, only a few days more of water and rations.”…(click)…

(click)… “DAY 11:…This mountain range seems to be an up thrust of the moon’s crust, very unstable surfaces, I have to watch my footing constantly, not hard packed like on Earth. Still no signs of vegetation or water, should reach the top of this rise by midday. Have reached peak and have a full panoramic view of surrounding area, bleak. I’m getting tired easily now, I’ll have to be careful as I trek down.”…(click)…

As Captain Rienoon is carefully descending the opposite side of the foothill, the large projecting rock that he is using to brace his right foot on breaks and he looses his hold on the rocky surfaces. He begins a bouncing uncontrolled sliding, tumbling freefall down the mountains side. Sliding as best he can on his backpack and trying to control his speed by digging in his heels is all he can do, it’s a dangerous cascade ride over rocks and boulders until he finally comes to rest near the valley floor.

“Ooouch, ohhhh…God damn it…ohhh, my ankle… damn, my heads bleeding, I think…oooo…where’s my backpack? ....oooo….can’t turn my left ankle. There it is.”

Captain Rienoon’s backpack has slide farther down to the valley floor near a large outcrop of rocks)…got to stay awake….awak…………

To be continued...

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