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The Valley...Part 1 of 6

by gt281 (writer), State of Denial, November 05, 2012

His name is Brussco Rienoon, he was a MK47 fighter pilot during the war with the Kachalot, 85 years ago...

“This is Ranger 5:…Attack pattern df5…maintain speed…Red 4 you have a Kachalot fighter coming in on your 3…Firing…Watch that mine field at Q345, Q23…I’m going in to…ssshhhss…”

“This is Ranger 5:…We have engaged a large number of Kachalot fighters, they appear to be screening the Kachalot Battle cruiser at Q35t67, we’ll try to draw them off.”

sssshhs, click click…. “Ranger 5:….Starranger has been hit…Maintain attack on Kachalot battle cruiser.”

Ranger 5:…“Over… maintaining attack…firing tyolon missiles.”

“You’ve got a fighter on your tail, bank right 60 up.”

“I see em, banking right, dropping Ktor mines.” “That’s got em.”

“Two Kachalot fighters ahead…firing Bartell guns…one down…come on, come on... banking right…one left…he’s squirreling…mines ahead, forty up, banking left…there he is…I’ll get em…He’s heading for that small moon…firing halo guns…got em…he’s still able to maneuver…in the moons atmosphere now….last of tyolon missiles locked on… firing…gravemark a couple of Kachalot.”

“Damn, going thru debris field...(bang) …Mayday, Mayday, this is Ranger 5 do you read?...Mayday…going down.”

“We read you Ranger 5, we have you on our scopes…hang in there.”

“Mayday, Mayday this is Ranger 5…ejecting cockpit capsule…Mayday.”

The ore refining ship O’Robinns is orbiting the small moon Orcues#21, its been in the Saiph system for 18 months, exploring the outer planets and moons for deposits of minerals to be refined and transported back to Earth. It uses the latest in GP radar and holographic mapping, but still, it is best to have human eyes on the surface of the planet to do the final assessment of any ore deposits that may be detected.

Stan and Bill are on Orcues#21 inspecting a valuable Beryllium ore deposit.

“Bill, what kind of reading are you getting over there?”

“Airmed looks good, 68% nitrogen, 18% oxygen, 14% misc gases and inert elements, nothing we haven’t seen before.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m getting over here, soil samples are pretty sterile. I’d say it would be OK to remove our helmets.”

“Thank God, it’s always like an oven in these things. Medlab should look into these enviro suits.”

“I tell them that after every planetwalk and nothing ever gets done. Lets get out of these suits, so we can move around easier, make sure you turn on your beacon this time.”

“Yeah, yeah, mom, you forget once and…..”

“O’Robinns MLC:…come in.”

“O’Robinns MLC:…go ahead.”

“Everything seems normal down here, were losing the enviro suits, haven’t seen any life forms or dinos. Over.”

“Well if you do, remember to get some dino steaks for the galley freezers. There should be a large deposit of Beryllium about 300 m west of your location. Over.”

“Roger that, heading that way now.”

“Bill, what’s your assessment?”

“Looks like a good site for machine miners. Scraper haulers mostly, I’d say its about 200 m deep.”

“Yeah, ore specgraph comes in at 89%, should make the boss happy. I’m gonna head over around that point there.”

“OK, Stan leave your com open, you’ll be out of my visual.”

“Roger, wouldn’t be long.”

“Bill, Bill…I’ve found something…get over here!”

“What’s up Stan? Damn, look at that.”

“He’s been here a while, his uniform kind of looks like he was a space ranger.”

“Nagh, see the wings, he’s a space jock.”

“Well what the hell’s he doing here?”

“I don’t know, see if you can find any ident on him.”

“Me? What’s that gray thing on his lap anyway.”

“Must be a plant or something, I’m sure it doesn’t bite, I’m gonna look around.”

“Stan, over here, looks like a cave or something.”

“Damn, look at all the gear and work that’s been done.”

“He must have been here a while.”

“Did you find any ident?”

“Yeah, he’s a Captain Rienoon of the Stard.”


“That’s all I could read on his uniform.”

“Well, maybe we can get some more info on him from the ship’s com-matrix, lets head back to the ship with our samples and find out who this guy was. It’s almost dark anyway.”

Captain Rienoon’s body and some of the gear from the cave were removed from Orcues#21 and are now being examined in the med-lab aboard the O’Robinns.

“Well, you guys certainly did find something different this time.”

“Yeah, well who is he and how did he end up on that moon?”

“His name is Brussco Rienoon, he was a MK47 fighter pilot during the war with the Kachalot, 85 years ago. He recorded a bunch of stuff on his personal ringdisk recorder if you want to take a look at it.”

“A ringdisk, geez, I doubt if we even have anything that will read them.”

“Check with Mike in communications, I’ll bet he can rig up something, old space radios and recordings are his hobby.”

A day later Mike has rigged up an old plasma-halo receiver with a medtech screen to view the ringdisks.

“Hey, great job Mike, that’s a great picture. What about the sound?’

“Oh, sorry just turn that knob there.”

“Oh, yeah geez, I’m amazed that these things are still good after all this time, thanks Mike.”

“No problem, you know, once the data is recorded onto the ringdisk it’s there forever. Hey, let me know what you find, I’ve got my own work to do.”

“Thanks Mike.”

To be continued…

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