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Did Tim Hortons Have A Valid Reason to Fire Me?

by LDrex (writer), , November 03, 2012

I just got fired from my Tim Hortons job and I would like to know if they were able to fire me for this reason.

I started working at Tim Hortons in the middle of September. I thought it was a great job and everyone seemed really nice and were good workers. I got fired yesterday (November 2nd) and I can't say I'm entirely sure what happened...

I was hired to work the night shift (10pm-6am) which I was told during my interview that during those 8 hours there's maybe 12 guests total. This particular Tim Hortons has 2 managers and 1 assistant manager. One day during my training (which was more like "there is the stuff now try yourself") I was being observed by one of the managers (and I was working morning shift that day) and she told me I was doing really well and learning quickly but I was kind of slow at making the coffees still but it would come with time and because its "THE NIGHT SHIFT IT WON'T MATTER TOO MUCH"...Yeah, ok.

I worked really hard and tried to speed up but I always wanted to make sure the order was correct (I don't see anything wrong with that. I personally hate if its rushed and wrong). I always did everything they asked and never complained. I always tried to find something to keep me busy but what can you do when there's 6 employees standing around an empty restaurant for hours...everything's been done. And people wod tell me different things! For example: 1 supervisor said when there's no customers stock area with lids, cups, sugar, cream, milk, etc. Makes sense to me. So I did it. And then another supervisor comes by and takes them away saying "you don't need to put these out". Seriously? Do you ever communicate with others? But I said "ok thank you for telling me", smiled and tried to find something else to do.

I wasn't tested on anything to see how well I was doing training. Just shown then sent off to do my stuff. And they said the collected feedback from other employees.

On November 2nd I was told the other manager and assistant manager wanted to see me (the one mentioned above had a day off). I went into the office and was asked "how do you think you've been doing?" I said what I honestly thought. I said I felt I was doing ok but that I still needed improvement. They then told me I was (exact words) doing amazing and learning everything so quickly but they couldn't keep me on...They then went on to say that because I was hired for night shift I needed to be real fast at everything. Basically night shift needed to be "Super Woman" as they said. I was told I would be paid for anything I was owed and vacation time I earned as well as getting to cash in the Tim Points our restaurant did and that I could either go home or finish my shift. I said "ok well thank you. I'd like to finish my shift." And so I did. I asked to leave 5 minutes early to catch the 2:00 bus and I went home and told my mom & stepdad.

My step dad called me from work and said to me that I could write to labour board about it and went through every thing like training checklist to see how I was doing, how much I was trained, stuff like that. He said that if no customers ever complained and said I was too slow they should not have been able to fire me for that. I also mentioned how the other manager told me it was ok to be slow because night shift was dead. He said they could get in a lot of trouble. But I'm not sure what to do because its a long process and I'm not sure if I wanna go through it all. But I just don't think it was quite fair...Did I mention it was my first job too? So that really boosts my confidence...*eye roll*

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By Barbara MacDonald on November 03, 2012 at 05:40 pm

Very sorry to hear that...maybe it was they had hired too many and had to cut back? Don't let it discourage you, keep a positive attitude and perhaps apply at another Tim Horton's..I wish you luck in finding another job. I personally would put my energy into finding something else rather than worrying about it.

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By melanie jean juneau on November 03, 2012 at 07:02 pm

You do not WANT to work for those managers! There are good outlets and other businesses with integrity who would welcome a good worker like you.

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