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Higuain makes an amazing goal similar to legend Hagi’s

by Eleanor (writer), , October 27, 2012

“Higuain is born as a striker for goals. As long as he is on the pitch, Real Madrid always can always score.”

At the pre-match press conference against Celta, Mourinho praised his player Higuain. Indeed, Higuain has a very high efficiency for scoring, and the Argentina striker lives to the trust of Mourinho and opens the door to victory for Real Madrid with a nice goal in his Adidas f50 boots.

Winning an uneasy starting opportunity, Higuain naturally would not waste of it. At home against newly promoted Celta, Higuain was extremely active in the wing and his goal was achieved with his breakthrough on the wing side. In the 11th minute of the game, catching the ball from Kaka, Higuain broke through from left and kicked a strange goal like shot and a pass, and the ball exactly flew into the goal from the Celta goalkeeper’s fingers after an uncanny curve route. From running, leg swing to breaking, everything seems very natural and so simple. Helping Real Madrid achieve a perfect start, Higuain was extremely excited; he feels incredible for him to score such a wonderful lob. There is no wonder why he is so happy, he has not scored any goal for Real Madrid in the recent month, and so, he is particularly eager to prove he is one of the strong strikers with goals.

However, Higuain’s lob is extremely similar to the classic goal of Romanian legend Hagi in the 1994 World Cup? Higuain’s lob in this game is almost exactly the same as the Hagi’s masterpiece in the way of kicking, or the flight path of the ball and the way of netting. The amazing goal in 1994 World Cup actually once again is staged at the Bernabeu stadium after 18 years!

Hagi is known as the “Carpathian Maradona”, because of his superior football technology and his surprising left foot. As part of the new Galacticos, Higuain copies the masterpiece to pay tribute to their predecessors.

Higuain is very happy for such incredible break. He said directly said: “I am very satisfied with that the team is able to win, I am also very happy for my goal. I cannot believe that I score the goal in such way, I am only a little lucky and thank my Adidas football boots. I have been in the shortage of goals since the game against Granada, but I am not nervous. I have stayed in the team for six years and I can handle the case calmly. I hope I can successful as previous years.”

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