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Last Night in Denver!

by EagleNews (writer), , October 03, 2012

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The first of three Presidential debates in Denver, Colorado was the first time the two opponents battled each other "face to face", no attack ads, no advisors who tell them what to say.

The first of three Presidential debates in Denver, Colorado was the first time the two opponents battled each other "face to face", no attack ads, no advisors who tell them what to say. Only two minutes to convince the audience in Denver and millions of people watching at home, that you're the man of the hour. Both competitors arrived on stage to welcome hundreds of students, politicians, vips and personal guests from around the country after Jim Lehrer introduced the two nominees. It was Lehrer's 12th nationally televised presidential debate. Lehrer himself is very nervous about the debate. "The greatest fear of a moderator is that he or she will miss something. If the candidate says it, and you let it go by, you have a hard time getting them back to clarify or explain. The fear of it is what makes me prepare as hard as I do," he said in an interview.

Both, Governor Romney and President Obama have been preparing for the debate. President Obama's advisor for mock debates, John Kerry, who lost to George W Bush in 2004 was practicing with the President for the last couple of days. The President was completely isolated from the public eye and even went to Nevada to visit Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. Afterwards he went back to his hotel where he practiced in a huge ballroom.

Mitt Romney's team has been practicing possible attacks from the "blue podium". Romney was touring through Denver for the last three days." In my view it's not so much winning and losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself - it's about something bigger than that," Romney said during a campaign speech. "I love America. I love the beauty of its rocks and rills and templed hills but a lot more than that I love the beauty of the American soul. The fact that you're here tonight, the fact that you care about an election shows how much we care in America," he said during the speech.

The debate started shortly after Lehrer introduced the two nominees. Mitt Romney congratulated the Obamas on their anniversary after President Obama said "A year from now we will not be celebrating it in front of 40 million people." The debating started when they were asked about their plans to save the economy and to reduce the deficit. The President seemed to be running out of ideas pretty fast, after he repeated that we were going from a surplus to a deficit , when President Bush took office, for about 15 times within the first 20 minutes. "I think it's a moral issue. It's not right to spend more than we take in and to pass on our debt to the next generation," Romney responded."

Throughout the night both nominees had only a few weak moments. Mitt Romney was doing rather well when it came down to counterattacks and surprisingly neither of the two candidates gaffed throughout the whole debate.

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By jaybetee on October 04, 2012 at 12:32 am

The debate was boring and poorly moderated. Also I doubt President Obama was running out of ideas. Both of these men are seasoned debaters and politicians. If he repeated it several times its because its important to highlight the fact that the current economic climate is the product of Bush era tax cuts, lax regulations, and careless spending. It's notable because Romney has an economic plan that champions many of the same ideas.

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