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Traveling the Country with a Bologna and Cheese Sandwich


Recently re-airing on MSNBC, the 2003 documentary titled "Journeys With George" offers an intimate look into the 2000 campaign trail of then Governor George W. Bush.

Captured over an entire year traveling with the successful Presidential hopeful by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; "Journeys with George" is a genuinely interesting and entertaining documentary shows an incredibly revealing portrayal of both the President himself and also the press core that followed him around the country as he endeavored to convince everyone to vote for him.

Ms. Pelosi states about the film that people will see what they want to see, which truly seems a fair assessment. The "unplugged" antics of George Bush viewed by supporters or opponents of the President, can be interpreted in many very different yet nonetheless equally accurate ways. Democrats may find it to affirm their opinions that the man is an incompetent goof off, while Republicans may see the genuine non-intellectual and honest nature of the man, which even the avowedly Democratic NBC journalist/filmmaker, found charming and enduring.

At one point the President, attempting to gain her vote for the California primary, even though she said she was a registered democrat and thus unable to vote, was nonetheless so "friendly" with the spectacle clad reporter, he affectionately nicknamed "baby", one started to wonder if the bad music was about to ensue. Fortunately for all it only led to a peck on the cheek and some awkward changes of subject.

The movie shows much more than the ridiculous victory dances, goofing around, and terrible eating habits of the President. The entire process which the current presidential hopefuls are just beginning is revealed in a candid and downright self deprecating manner. This movie shows the relationship Bush and his campaign team cultivates with the reporters who are following him everywhere. Whether through gifts, cakes, alcohol, or one on one attention we see Bush seducing the crowds of camera and more importantly pen wielding journalists from every magazine and news agency in the country whether he was successful or not.

In addition to say that the comments in the film spoken face first into the camera from the President, as well as from other powerful people such as Rove, Chaney or McCain, are unrehearsed and unplugged is an extreme understatement. They speak their minds unlike we have ever seen since straight into the lens with a boisterous candor voicing their opinions over subjects ranging from voter districts to reporter's comments to even themselves and other candidates. It shows Bush the frat boy and the cowboy and shows that personae evolve before our eyes into the calculated and rehearsed image we have today. Putting credit where it is due Ms. Pelosi's questions and her ability to get the President and others to answer them is quite unique.

If you wanted to see the real side of politics and especially the politics of the President and his inner circle, this is the movie. It portrays a side that neither the news media nor the politicians themselves allow the voting public to see. From the days when even Bush didn't think he could defeat McCain for the republican nomination to the recount in Florida leading to his victory the camera followed President Bush's unlikely journey.

The film's general message isn't necessarily attempting to say anything political which may allow it to be appreciable to both sides. Furthermore as is shown by his own comments both within the film itself as well as after its release, the President enjoys the film and apparently considers it an "underground hit".

Whether you like Bush or not, this movie remains a playful and nonetheless brilliant and objective observation of the man who has now come to call himself, "The Commander Guy".

For a very short preview, production notes, and other info visit link below.

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By Charles Harmison on May 06, 2007 at 12:49 am
I cant believe I got an add for Ann Coulter with this article I seriously protest
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By Venditto on May 06, 2007 at 01:06 am
I got an ad for a free George Bush book, super! Nice article, I saw this movie and just like Pelosi, I was shocked and awed by how charismatic and likable he SEEMED to be. Of course, i still believe he serves the Lord Satan, but the film reminds us all that he is just a man.
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