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Tolerance...We All Are One

by Barbara MacDonald (writer), CANADA , September 13, 2012

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Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.
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Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one's own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others. John F. Kennedy

As I read these words coming from the beautiful innocent minds of the young it struck me that they have so much more wisdom than some of our so called leaders and adults. At what point in time do we lose our tolerance and give in to the prejudice that can exist in this material world? I have fought against these beliefs all my life, and I will continue to try to change this ignorant thinking one person at a time. I know this may not make a huge difference in the overall picture; but if each of us were to make this our mantra MAYBE, JUST MAYBE our children or our grandchildren will be able to live in a more compassionate civil world. These poems were written by the students of Ashanti Goldfields High School , Ghana. Maybe one of these young people should be in charge of our world. Just something to think about.

The willingness to allow people to do, say or believe what they want
without criticizing them.
Our world is experiencing wars in many countries
due to our failure to tolerate the views of other people.
These wars lead to displacement of people
causing Refugee Crisis, Poverty and Incurable Disgraces.
As we cannot make somebody what he/she should be,
we must learn to understand each other.
Tolerance has a lot to offer to our globe,
If and only if we uphold it in the Highest Esteem.
As human beings we should learn to accept,
That we are not perfect.
So when someone points out our mistakes,
We must accept it in good Faith.
We should not consider the person as an enemy,
But as an opportunity to change.
If we Tolerate the views of other people,
Wars will come to an end.
This will mean an end to the Refugee Crisis.
For Tolerance is the key to Development.

By Salamanty Ibrahim ( 14 years)


Tolerance, yes that is the word.
So calm, so peaceful. With tolerance, a third world country becomes a paradise.
It is true that great minds think alike. But why are great minds neglected?
Why is there divisions among us?
The world needs people with one mind, yes people with tolerance.
Men have refused to see the good things tolerance has to offer.
Everyone wants his own way.
That has brought about wars with innocent blood being shed.

Because my people have refused to be one,
they are being cheated but they don't know.
They are lagging behind yet they care not.
They have the resources, they are talented, they are energetic yet they suffer.
Lack of knowledge my people perish.
Lack of tolerance my people are in dismay.
My people never leave to eat the fruit of their toil because the fruit of their toil is foiled. That has brought about wars with innocent blood being shed.

I want to do this for my people, I don't trust anyone, I don't need any help.
Dear folks, have you forgotten that union is strength
and that two heads are better than one?
Unite, let tolerance be the anthem of every individual and I bet you,
You shall prosper like a tree in springtime.

By Linda Mensah Ashanti Goldfields (14 years)


When pain is in abundance
And help appears from nowhere
No error but there is pain
We have given our hearts away in a sordid way
But little in nature that is ours
When bitterness and neglects are too much
You expect an answer to carry on
But you must endure
Pain shall dwindle, shall change and
Shall become first a peace out of pain.

Khadijah Musah-saak (14 years)

Tolerance!!! Tolerance!!!

All over the world man is seen fighting against his fellow man for power.
In countries like Fiji, India, Israel and Zimbabwe the need for power by
Some leaders have provoked them to fight their fellow men for power to rule a nation All these fighting and disputes
Which usually lead to deaths and Injuries can be replaced by one thing.
One thing, which does not require the use of weapons.
One thing which is very cheap
And above all one thing which does not require bloodshed
That one thing is tolerance.
Let us exercise tolerance and our world shall change for the better

James Cromwell (15 years)

The becoming of guns can be heard.
The earth blanketed with dead bodies.
The wailing and crying of people never cease
The cries of the living cannot be heard be the dead
Yet they cry.
The sun rises in the east cheerfully.
Only to set in the west
Singing a melancholy psalm.
As the reflections of war pass
Through my thoughts, tears crawl down my cheeks.
Men killing without sympathy just because
They are power drunk.
One thing that never seem to occur to
Them is that without the people they
Cannot be who they are, even to be called leaders.
Why? Because there is no tolerance
And no tolerance means the guns will continue to kill
And the wars wage on.
When will men put down their guns and live like brothers?
Only time will tell.
Without tolerance there will be no peace.
So, lets all marry the word tolerance and learn its virtues.
For with it, the world will be a better place.

By William Kwesi ( 14 years)

I feel very desperate and worried
When I heard on television
The shooting guns
The blasting of bombs
The waiting and crying of innocent people
And see the flow of human blood.
Children in countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Liberia are suffering.
Fathers and mothers,
Why are you making our world so miserable?
Burning our vegetation as a result of blasting
Which will later cause desertification
These wars have led to the loss of our parent's siblings and relatives.
You've made our world lonely for us
Why? Mothers and fathers?
Because of positions, religious beliefs and presidency,
This would end if we would tolerate with each other
Soldiers, put down your guns and war uniform
Presidents, do not bring wars because you want victory in dictions
Settle our differences and tolerate with each other so that peace will be established in Africa and the whole world,

By Boampong Adoma Yaa (14 years)

Children of the world, Children of the world
Let's help maintain tolerance in our world
Because tolerance brings peace
Let's be in the state of freedom from war
Let's be at peace with neighboring countries
Stop arguing and restore friendly relations
If you engage in fighting against each other how would the world be
Wars here and there.
Stop state affairs that seem to threaten war.
Stop! Illegitimate child with a soldier as father
Help in tolerating opinions, beliefs, customs, behavior etc., different from one's own Parents, children, relatives do not be a slave to custom
Do not do things, which may break tolerance
I keep running East and West, North and South
but I can't stop running because there isn't any tolerance
Innocent people are being killed by soldiers
because of the misunderstanding between neighboring countries
And now, in all tolerance is the key to progress!

Kofi Atta Boatey Asirifi (14 yrs.)

Having read these I ask you , as you know I always like to ask a question...What does tolerance mean to you and do you put much value on it?

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4 comments on Tolerance...We All Are One

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By Uttam Gill on September 14, 2012 at 05:31 am

Tolerance only can bring peace...And Barb, you have rightly pen down your thoughts and substantiated your belief by sharing some outstanding poems...An outstanding post ...We all needs to have tolerance...but sometimes we have to put our foot down to deal with intolerant people...Look around how many extremist elements in the name of religion are leashing reign of terror by killing innocent people..For them Tolerance holds no meaning...They needs to be checked with full can be military action too...That’s what world did against Hitler, Mussolini and others...By saying this it doesn’t mean I fully subscribe to reckless war...but yes if for peace war is must then one must get into that so that we keep our kids keep our next generation safe...

Barb Very well written post

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By melanie jean juneau on September 14, 2012 at 10:01 am

Nicely written and you have unearthed powerful poems by the young. Childern often see issues more clearly than jaded, cynical world weary adults. clearly

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 14, 2012 at 10:18 am

Thank you Uttam, yes, I know you do not subscribe to reckless war in any way, shape , or form...I understand what you are saying and a matter of "due diligence "...very interesting to me the thoughts of these young people you have known me for 8 years, you do know I have zero tolerance for prejudice in any form...thank you again Uttam. :-)

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 14, 2012 at 10:22 am

Thank you very much for taking your time to read my post and commenting motherofnine...I am sure when you comment on children's clarity, you do so with so much experience having nine?? wow..that alone is amazing...thank you again and welcome to Broo...I look forward to reading more from you. :-)

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