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Oh That Britney

by myracleworks (writer), North Hollywood, May 04, 2007

One can suppose that we're all subjected to that sick dream of dreams; how it's not our world, we're just living in it. Well this must be what it feels like to live in Britney's world as she mounts her "comeback" tour in California.

Mickey Mouse met a former Clubhouse member on Wednesday night, as Britney Spears took the House of Blues stage at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, to show the world, supposedly, how in shape and ready to play she is.

The average concert goer was met with a phalanx of Disney security, HOB Security, Anaheim Police, and every single type of media you can think of, from mainstream local news affiliates, paparazzi, to every heartbeat near the building holding a camera.

Britney's response: a 30' x 40' sign which read 'ABSOLUTELY NO CELLPHONES OR CAMERAS ALLOWED'. House of Blues staffers stated that they were not made aware of this limitation until 4PM that day, yet once inside the building cameras were aplenty, illustrating the inept porousness of the security.

As for the performance, Spears was opened by Frankie J who gave an outstanding effort to the near-rabid crowd of mostly young women. Here was an artist who was genuinely grateful to open for Spears - and he sang every song.

Spears came on one half-hour earlier than her San Diego show, unfurling her pseudo-burlesque show to the now energized and ecstatic crowd. Spears was flanked by four blonde dancers whose looks were more like strippers from the local Fritz Too rather than cast by the likes of Debbie Allen.

Spears herself deftly lip-synced every word - badly, often times not really lip-syncing at all. The audience really didn't care that some of them paid upwards near $300 to see what basically was a high-priced dance recital. Spears' choreography was simple and she often was not sharp with her moves.

Nevertheless, her looks are what everyone was there to see and this did not look like a woman with two kids.

It did look like a woman wearing a bad brown wig.

She completed here five-song set of Spears standards and quietly thanked the crowd through her microphone which was turned on for some strange reason.

Britney Spears is taking her dog and puppy show to the Sunset Strip which will probably be the super bowl of paparazzi events rivaling Paris Hilton's arrests.

At least the fans of Britney Spears were happy.

I'd rather sit at home and watch bad re-runs of Married with Children. At least the blonde in that show was believable.

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